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You Know You Are Addicted to Pokémon Go When… and When to Delete the App

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By now, you have definitely heard of the mobile game, Pokémon Go. You may even be playing it, but do you know when you, or your loved ones, are too addicted to the game. When you have become so addicted that it is dangerous to play? Do you know when you should stop and delete the game off your phone? Here are situations, all while playing the game, which can tell you that you are too addicted.

  • You are driving.
  • You cross the street without looking up from your phone.
  • You are almost hit by a car, bike, or skateboarder.
  • You leave your house or car without locking it, even if you are only stepping away for a minute.
  • You knock on a stranger’s door asking if you can catch the special Pokémon that is inside their home or backyard.
  • You trespass on private property so you can catch a Pokémon.
  • You get into altercations with others as you all try to catch the same creature.

If multiple, or all of these apply to you, you should re-evaluate your game playing habits. You do not want to be put in the news as the guy or girl who was arrested because they were playing Pokémon Go irresponsibly.

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