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What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

Murphy’s Law is something we’re all used to, but might not realize it. Murphy’s Law is the statement, “if anything can go wrong, it will”. The phrase originally came from a man named Edward A. Murphy Jr. He was an aerospace engineer who worked on a how much deceleration a person could withstand in a crash. Murphy would be working on his project and would give advice, or “laws” his assistants would write them down. That is why we now have a phrase about bad luck.

Murphy was a pessimist, and would always be prepared for the worst. Be like Murphy. Be prepared for everything and anything to go wrong and you’ll never be disappointed. It’s best to be prepared anyways that way when things go wrong, you’re not surprised. For example, if you get arrested, be prepared by remembering our name, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles.

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles can be your readiness prep plan for you. We can help you get out of a disastrous situation. Let us be there when Murphy’s Law hits you, and you wind up arrested. Our agents are ready for you 24/7. Don’t let your bad luck get the best of you.

Discounts can make bad luck a little more bearable. Especially when the situation is needing to be bailed out. No one plans on getting arrested and an unplanned expense like bail money can be a real financial burden. Knowing what discounts we have to offer can be extremely helpful when deciding which bail company to go with. At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we offer a 20% discount for military, AARP, union members, and customers who have a private attorney.

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go bad, will go bad. The good news for you is that Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply to us at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We’re prepared for anything and everything. With our experience in the bail bonds world, and our highly trained agents, you will feel confident when you pick us to bail you out.

If you’re ready to turn your luck around just click Chat With Us or call 877-793-2254 now.