What does a bail bond do?

California Bail Bond Store Services

We’ve all seen the scenes on television and movies, perhaps heard it on the news – this person was released on so-and-so dollars bail, and must appear again in count in a certain matter of time. This bail comes from a bail bondsman, paying on behalf of the defendant.

Because the US Constitution protects our freedom and rights, every person is always innocent until proven guilty. This is why suspects are allowed to go about living their lives until their court hearing (unless of course, the judge orders otherwise in more serious instances). Court hearing dates are often quite a number of days away. If the suspect cannot post bail, they must remain in jail until said date, meaning they are taken away from family, friends, work, etc.

Our team at California Bail Bond Store Services recognizes and values the importance of family unity and personal security, and we always treat every client as one of our own. That’s why we are dedicated to helping clients post bail so they can maintain important relationships, work commitments, and more. We’re here if you ever need our assistance – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The sooner we get your loved one out, the sooner you’ll have them in your arms.