The Countdown to EDC… And Jail


The ever-popular Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival is a few weeks away and once again, it will be held in Las Vegas. The event draws hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. It has been held in Las Vegas over the past few years after moving from Los Angeles; the last time it was held in Los Angeles, an underage teen girl died of a drug overdose.

Her death was the worst, but not the only issue. Multiple people were arrested for drugs and alcohol, and that is not the only year, nor the only event where this happens. Music festivals like EDC seem to be multiplying every year and at every event, the police make multiple arrests. At a handful of events, someone will die from a drug overdose.

With EDC 2016 approaching, we hope that if you plan to attend, that you make good decisions for yourself and your friends. If you, or one of your friends, are arrested at EDC, then you face a more difficult bail and jail process because you are in Nevada, not California. Getting arrested out of state is always a little bit more of a headache.

For anytime you need bail bond assistance within California, Victorville Bail Bond Store will be there for you. Call us 800-793-2245, or you can chat with one of our team members online for immediate assistance.

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Together, We are Stronger; Let Victorville Bail Bond Store Bail Bonds Help You


Our team here at Victorville Bail Bond Store will be the first to reassure you that your son or daughter’s arrest will not destroy his or her entire future and career. Yes, it is very unfortunate that this happened, and at times, it may be a nuisance, but they are young. Your kids have a lot ahead of them, and they most can combat this and get back on top of their game.

Depending on the situation, at some point in the future, your son or daughter may be able to get this record sealed or expunged, this will happen automatically when they turn 18 if they committed the crime as a juvenile. This means that during background checks, the record will not appear. It will still exist, but not for others to see.

In addition, a point on their criminal history will not be a dark cloud over them for the rest of their lives. Your son or daughter can live out a very full, happy, life from this point on. They will be able to forget that they were ever arrested.

At Victorville Bail Bond Store, we are here to show people there is hope, by helping them bail out of jail. We are hope for them. We show clients that they are not alone in this. We are here to support them and we know you will too. So, let us work together because we are stronger this way. Let us get your son or daughter back home and back on track with their life plan!

Call Victorville Bail Bond Store today at 800-793-2245 or chat with us online right now for immediate assistance.

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Weighing Pros And Cons Of Cash Vs. Bail Bonds


When a person is granted bail, they have two ways of paying for it: a cash bond or a bail bond. Here, we weigh both concepts:

    Cash Bond

  • Pay whole bail amount up-front; entire amount must be paid before defendant can be released.
  • There is no third party to deal with.
  • There is less paperwork to take care of this way.
  • Bail is 100% refundable, as long as defendant complies with release terms and goes to court. The refund comes in check form but often takes a few months to get back.
  • If the defendant does not show up in court, you lose your money, and perhaps your relationship and trust with the defendant from there on out. The defendant will be taken back into custody.
  • Bail Bond

  • Pay only 10% of the full bail amount to the bail bond company (third party), but it is not refundable.
  • The 10% is paid over a payment plan that extends beyond the time of the defendant’s release.
  • Cash, credit, debit, and checks are acceptable forms of payment.
  • Requires collateral and a co-signer who can vouch for the defendant and make sure they meet court dates. If the defendant skips court, the defendant will be taken back into custody, collateral may be taken, and the full bail price may need to be paid by the co-signer.
  • Co-signer may take their name off the bail bond at any time they wish if they lose trust in the defendant.
  • A professional bail agent will be with you through the whole process so you know exactly what is happening.

Deciding between the two really comes down to what you can afford. Obviously, you want to get your loved one out as soon as possible, but at the same time, you need to have the money. Bail bonds are not reserved solely for those in the lower income bracket; bail bonds are available to anyone (even filthy rich celebrities use bail bonds). Victorville Bail Bond Store will help anyone who needs a bail bond and they will work with you to customize the payment plan so it is as comfortable for you as possible.

Get your free consultation today by chatting with a representative online or on the phone at 800-793-2245.

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Arrest Situations For Immigrants


If you know someone who is an immigrant to the United States and has just been arrested, you should know that they are facing a tough situation. However, they are not completely defeated.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. They have the right to a lawyer, and that lawyer does not have to be government-provided council. They have a right to have a private attorney represent them, and if you are willing, you can help them find a good private lawyer.
  2. They can inform their consulate of their arrest, so that consulate is aware of the situation and can help mediate.
  3. They have the right to remain silent. They should not discuss their immigration status unless their lawyer is present.
  4. They may have the right to post bail with an immigration bail bond, which you can get more information about by contacting Victorville Bail Bond Store today!

Contact Victorville Bail Bond Store right now for more information!

Chat with a bail bonds representative online for immediate assistance or give us a call at 800-793-2245.

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