The Rights Of Arrested Individuals


Just because someone commits a crime, gets caught, and gets arrested doesn’t mean they lose all their rights and become defenseless. Arrested individuals earn some rights to protect themselves during this time, especially when they are most vulnerable to the police.

    Two of the greatest rights an arrested individual has are:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to an attorney

These rights are known as the Miranda Rights. It empowers the arrested individual to decline to answer any police questions. Anything they say to the police can be used against them in court, including any statement that turns out to be a false confession. Some people are so nervous and intimidated and just want the police to stop pressuring them so they will falsely admit to guilt, when they truly didn’t “do it.” The suspect can say they do not want to answer any more questions and with that statement, the police must stop questioning.

This brings us to part two of the Miranda Rights; the right to an attorney. Whether one hires a private lawyer or accesses a public defender, a defendant has the right to an attorney to represent them and help them fight their case. Whether the attorney is one for hire or is court appointed, it is that attorney’s duty to be present at all subsequent questioning, in addition to safe-guarding their client and each and every right they are entitled, under the laws in which they practice.

Another right that many, but not all, arrested individuals will be granted is the right to bail. Those who are given the right to bail are encouraged to use this right and bail out of jail. They can do so with the help of a bail bond agent, who will make the process as easy and as affordable as possible, knowing that a bail bond is not easy to pay.

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Understanding False Arrests


As you’re well aware, not every person who has been arrested is truly guilty of the crime they were arrested for. When law enforcement wrongly arrests a person, it is called a false arrest and is actually a crime in itself.

A false arrest by the police is not one that is not supported by evidence. It is actually when a police officer uses power beyond their authority. There is a dividing line between the standard for measuring a false arrest.

For example, Officer Ben questions Ashley on her knowledge of a crime, telling him that Marissa committed the crime. Officer Ben then arrests Marissa based on Ashley’s statement. Later though, evidence tells the Officer Ben that Marissa is innocent and Ashley lied. In this situation, there was no false arrest because Officer Ben acted within protocol.

In contrast, Officer Mike pulls John over for speeding. John is frustrated and is verbally arguing back with Officer Mike. Officer Mike grows irritated and arrests John after he insults the police department. Officer Mike just committed a false arrest because he had no right to arrest John merely because of his statements.

Any victim of a false arrest has the opportunity to file for a civil lawsuit. They can claim they were harmed, humiliated, and had their reputation tainted. They can also claim that they lost income having not been able to work while they were in jail.

If you’re wondering if you have a strong enough case to file a civil lawsuit, consult your lawyer; you wouldn’t want to waste time or money if you know you don’t have a case. If you were indeed rightfully arrested and are charged with a crime, and you cannot file a complaint for a wrongful arrest, you can bail out of jail and proceed to your everyday life for the time during your trial.

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Rights During Detention Versus During An Arrest


It’s important to understand the differences between being detained and being arrested because a person’s rights will change under each situation.

  • Detention
  • The police have reasonable suspicion to stop an individual for a short period of time. The police suspect that the individual was involved in, is in involved in, or has knowledge about a crime. Detentions are brief but the police must act, investigate, and question within boundaries. Unless it is discovered that the individual is guilty, the innocent individual is free to leave.

  • Arrest
  • The police will take an individual into custody in handcuffs and read them their Miranda Rights. The police had probable cause (evidence) that the individual was up to something.

Detention can certainly lead to an arrest when the police develop probable cause of the individual. In either case, the police can legally only conduct a limited search to what is in plain sight; they would need a warrant otherwise. The individual is also allowed to refrain from answering anymore questions until they have a lawyer.

Only arrested individuals would have the right to bail, as detainees are free to leave after a short period of time. Bail is generally expensive, no matter what price it is set at. Bail bonds cost 10-15% of the full bail amount with a longer payoff time. Most people opt for the bail bond route.

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Using Your Right To Bail


If you have the right to bail, why not use it? By not posting bail you’re punishing yourself by sitting in jail for an extremely uncertain amount of time. It could take days, weeks, or even months for you release depending on your situation. You’re not allowing yourself to spend time with your friends and family. You’re not going to work and getting any sort of income. You’re not exposing yourself to enough physical activity or exercise or simply even fresh air and daylight.

There is a chance you’ll have to face this at the end of trial if your consequences involve this. But you should certainly not have to begin this early if you can help it.

You should post bail and get out of jail as soon as you can and if you need help meeting those financial requirements; Riverside County Bail Bond Store can help you. We’re a licensed and professional bail bonds company that helps people bail out of jail every day, reuniting them with their loved ones.

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The Public Benefits of Using Bail Bond Store

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Public Benefits

In the day and age of a struggling economy and high unemployment rates the public should know a few things about bail bonds. We would like to shed light on a little known facts that most are not aware of. The commercial bail industry has been proven to save taxpayers millions of dollars a year and impact public safety. Here is how:

• The widespread use of commercial bail lowers pre-trial jail populations at NO expense to the taxpayers

• The recidivism rate of unsecured release vs. commercial bail is twice as high. Bail being the better choice for public safety

• Defendants out on bail are 28% less likely to miss their court dates and become fugitives. These warrants place a burden on law enforcement and Courts

• Bail recovers over 30,000 fugitives each year saving taxpayers millions is costs

• Every bond posted for a defendant results in premium taxes being paid to the State & County. This creates revenue is a struggling economy

• Licensed Bail Agents/Bondsman are financially responsible to ensure the defendant makes all their Court appearances

• Bail has a long track record of being connected to local communities and has first hand knowledge that Courts might not have. This gives Bail bondman the edge is working closely with families to ensure the defendants appearance in Court

• Bail bond fees are not determined by race, gender or any other factor that might influence the Court. Bail follows a strict bail schedule determined by Judges

• Commercial bail employs people, who in turn spend their earnings supporting local economies

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Agent

• Commercial bail enhances public safety by closely monitoring defendants through: physical check-ins, court reminders and continued communication with defendants and indemnitors. All at NO cost to the taxpayers

• Bail Agents are working 24/7 to secure the release of defendants. Commercial bail is hard at work saving taxpayers money while the Courts are closed We Believe In The Right To Bail.

We believe that every person is innocent until proven guilty. We also believe each person has the right to a fair and speedy trial and has the right to be represented by an attorney. You have an Eight Amendment right to bail. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted” Secure your release as fast as possible and exercise your rights.

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