Why Checkpoints Are a Good Thing for You – The Drunk Driver


Memorial Day is a day when we honor and remember those who have died while serving our country. Here in Southern California, Memorial Day is more popular for bringing a three-day weekend for many students and professionals, and because it is nice and sunny out by this time of year. Memorial Day Weekend becomes a 3-day party and alcohol-heavy weekend immediately after any solemn honoring of course. Californians are not that ungrateful.

Our team at Rialto Bail Bond Store would like to remind you all to make wise decisions this Memorial Day Weekend . Whether you are partying out, or partying in, watch your alcohol intake, as well as that of your friends and family members. Do not drink and drive. The police are definitely going to have more checkpoints this Memorial Day Weekend than any other weekend.

Any drivers who happen upon a checkpoint will be directed to the side of the road. The officer will likely ask where you are coming from, where you are going, if you have been drinking, and how much. You may be asked to take a sobriety test of some sort. Best case scenario: the officer will let you drive on to your destination after a very brief stop. Worst case scenario: you will be detained until you sober up. It might be discouraging, but think of it like this. This worst case scenario at the checkpoint is way better than the worst case scenario of all: getting into a fatal accident.

No matter what your plans are for Memorial Day Weekend , please have fun and be safe. We hope we do not get a call from you, but if we do, Rialto Bail Bond Store will act quickly to help bail you out of jail. We have a team standing by 24/7, ready to answer your all of your questions; we will not let you down!

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Skate Away from the Freeway Challenge


Have you heard of the freeway challenge in California? This new challenge that is happening in Los Angeles has skateboarders riding their boards on freeways! Insane to you and us, but apparently less so for these skateboarders.

Usually when the traffic is slow, a skateboarder will get out on the freeway to skate and do some tricks. A friend will be taking a video and then it will be uploaded onto social media with the hashtag, #freewaychallenge. Clearly, this is dangerous for everyone on the road and the CHP is looking to use social media to track down some of these violators, subjecting them to hefty fines. A stunt like this can easily go terribly wrong with people getting injured and arrested.

    The two key takeaways from this:

  1. Do not get involved with this challenge. You can face some unfavorable consequences.
  2. Watch what you post on social media. You could incriminate yourself.

In any instance where you, or someone you love, needs to get a bail bond, please contact Rialto Bail Bond Store. This bail bond team serves all of California and is ready to help get you or your loved one out of jail ASAP!

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Rialto Bail Bond Store Is the Best in California


The best bail agents in town (or should we say state) are at Rialto Bail Bond Store. Our bail agents are licensed in this profession, but are overqualified compared to the basic level requirements expected of a professional bail bond agent. Friendly, reliable, trustworthy, sympathetic, affirmative, hopeful, dedicated – these are traits that are found within each and every one of our bail agents. Our bail agents go above and beyond client expectation.

At other companies, clients feel dissatisfied with the bail agent’s work, but at Rialto Bail Bond Store, they can immediately tell the difference. Our bail agents truly care about each client and will stop at nothing to prove that they came to the right place for bail bond help. We treat clients as if they are our own best friends and closest family members.

We are understanding and will be with you through this whole process. We are a support system and we want you to rely on us. Let us prove to you that we are good on our word, and that we are as good as others say we are.

Contact us today and just chat with a representative to get your free consultation; chat with us online now or call us at 800-793-2245.

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The Differences Between Jail And Prison


Jail and prison are technically not the same place. They’re not two terms that refer to the same institution.

What are the differences?

Jails hold people for short-term periods. They hold people who have recently been arrested but have yet to post bail; people who are waiting for trial, and convicted people who are serving short sentences. Jails are run by local governments and police departments. Specialized services are typically offered, such as, work release programs that focus on educational needs, substance abuse, and others. Prisons hold convicted individuals who are serving long term sentences for their crimes. Prisons are operated by state and federal governments. For individuals approaching the end of their sentences, they offer work release programs and halfway houses to slowly integrate them back into the community so that they can acclimate into society in a positive way.

In California, jails and prisons are overcrowded; that is the sad, unfortunate truth. To help accommodate space, some convicts are being released early by them having less heinous felony charges that become reduced to misdemeanors.

A bail bond will help keep your loved one out of jail. A bail bond cannot release a convicted criminal from prison. Learn more about the entire bail bonds process by contacting Rialto Bail Bond Store today! Rialto Bail Bond Store is available 24/7!

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