Your Tax Return Can Help Pay For Bail


No matter how much or how little you might be receiving for your tax return, any amount that you do potentially get will help your financial burden of having to pay for a bail bond. Granted, bail bonds are already the more affordable method to bailing out of jail, but that isn’t to say that bail bonds are cheap, by any means. Plus everyone, whether it be individually, friends or family members, or just anyone, are in different financial situations and circumstances. No one’s situation is ever exactly alike.

Because of this, Montclair Bail Bond Store attempts to customize each situation as much as possible, according to the financial needs of those involved. Being flexible and understanding, Montclair Bail Bond Store makes monthly payments as low as possible. Credit, debit, cash, and checks are all acceptable forms of payment and there is also a convenient and secure online payment system set up. Additionally, as mentioned, the money from your tax return is also an acceptable form of payment toward securing a bail bond.

Find out more about acceptable payments for your bail bond by contacting a Montclair Bail Bond Store bail agent today! We’re available to answer you 24/7 – and yes, even in the middle of the night!

Please chat with one of our extremely personable and compassionate bail agents online or give us a call at 800-793-2245.

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Any Jail, Any Time – Always Bail


No matter what California jail you are taken to, Fontana Bail Bond Store can help bail you out, if you are eligible for bail, which depends on the outcome of your arraignment hearing. No matter what day of the week it is, or what hour of the day it is, Fontana Bail Bond Store will answer your online chat, phone call, or walk-in appointment at any of the company’s offices.

Fontana Bail Bond Store is available 24/7 and serves the entire state of California. The company has offices all throughout the state but even if you or your loved ones are not within the vicinity of an office, you can always get a hold of us online or over the phone. Plus, if and when an Fontana Bail Bond Store agent needs to meet with you face-to-face, they’ll take the time and effort to meet you where it is most convenient for you.

In essence, Fontana Bail Bond Store is there for you whenever and wherever you might need us. We won’t let you down; you can count on our team to help get you or a loved one out of jail, affordably and quickly!

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Chatting with us online or by calling us at 800-793-2245.

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An Example Of A False Report


Not only is it under-whelming, but it’s also very disappointing, that there are still a number of people in prison who have been wrongly convicted of a crime. A person could feasibly be incarcerated right now just because investigators were too lazy, the jury was corrupted, racist, sexist, the technology to test DNA and the evidence was not as precise as they should be, or a number of other circumstances which lead to peoples’ injustices all of the time. This is a sad truth that is unfortunately ever-present in our everyday society, which has to be confronted in one way or another.

Every so often, a wrongly convicted individual is finally released early, after having his or her name cleared. Lake County’s 71-year-old Luther Jones is one of these men.

‘Jones’ spent 18 years in prison for allegedly molesting a 10-year-old girl. The girl’s mother made her lie, under oath, and say that ‘Jones’ was the man responsible. Now, 20 years later, that same little girl, now a 30-year-old woman, admits to the truth and recants her claim that ‘Jones’ ever molested her.

Because of this, ‘Jones’ is released from jail and received a $1 million settlement from the state, and the girl’s mother could now face criminal charges for making a false report – and for costing a man many years of his freedom. The woman can be arrested and tried in court. She could face multiple fines and even imprisonment.

This is an example of the consequences of making a false report. You’re not only ruining another person’s life, you’re effectively ruining yours as well. If you or someone you know is in jail for the time being and is offered bail, contact Baker Bail Bond Store to get a bail bond to secure their release, immediately!

Speak with one of our willing and capable bail agents right now; give us a call at 800-793-2245 today to learn more information.

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The Weirdest California Laws


As absurd and un-imaginable as they may seem, yes folks, at one time or another they were actually considered laws. Take a look:

  • You may not play with a Frisbee at any Los Angeles beach unless you get the resident chief lifeguard’s permission.
  • Women may not drive while wearing a house coat.
  • No vehicle without a driver can go more than 60 miles per hour.
  • Animals may not mate in public if they are within 1,500 feet of a school or place of worship.
  • You must own at least two cows in Blythe before you are allowed to wear cowboy boots.
  • A male cannot go outside his house if he is not wearing the proper attire.
  • You may not use your own bathroom in Dana Point if the window is open.
  • Mustached men may not kiss a woman in Eureka.
  • Annoying a lizard in a Fresno city park is illegal.

These are just some of the weirdest laws, some of which still exist today in California. Don’t ask when or why they were passed. Don’t ask why they haven’t been modified or removed. Just know that while you most likely could get away with these, you could still technically be fined or get arrested for violating any of them. Of course, this would probably be coming from quite a stickler of a policeman or policewoman…

No matter how weird these laws are, and what the circumstances may be, San Bernadino County Bail Bond Store can assure you that we’ll help bail you out of jail for violating any of these – or for violating any more serious laws.

Learn more about our bail bonds process by calling us now at 800-793-2245.

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Lying Always Gets You Into Trouble


Lying to the police and making a false report is a crime. Making a mistake by telling the police one thing, then remembering it’s another thing, is different and not considered a crime.

For example, describing the getaway car in a crime that you happened to witness as red in color when you definitely know the car in question was white in color is defined as a lie, and thus, would constitute committing a crime. But if you think the car was blue, and later you remembered that it was in fact green; that would be considered an honest mistake that you would correct with the police whenever you recalled that detail.

If the police approach and question you regarding anything you may have heard or witnessed, don’t panic and just blurt out nonsense, you need to think about what may have happened before you speak. If you don’t remember something, just be honest. Being honest is always way better than lying. Lying about a situation, especially when you know the truth, only leads to more lying and falling into deeper trouble!

If you find yourself in jail and in need of a bail bond to get out; San Bernadino County Bail Bond Store is the team to help you!

We’ll get you out of jail in no time, just call us at 800-793-2245 or chat with us online.

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