Setting A Good Example For Others


We may not realize how much we really influence the ones we love most. You may look up to someone and aspire to be the type of person they are, but how often do you tell them? Probably not nearly enough for them to know.

How one acts in public and in private can result in how any decides to act in public. For example, if a younger brother sees his older brother going out a lot, drinking, smoking, coming in very late, the younger brother will be driven to do the same. Then one day, the police intervene and they’re arrested. This is painful to see happen to people so close. Bonds between people are broken, trust is lost. In some extreme instances, one person can continue to spiral downward after seeing their role model get into trouble. And just think, this all could have played out much differently had the older brother known how much of an impact his words and actions has on his younger brother. Knowing the full truth, the older brother could have continued in school, built a career, and started a family. He wants the best for his younger brother and to do that, he needs to be the best for himself as well.

It’s so important to set a good example for others. They don’t have to be younger than you – you can be younger, and you can be their role model.

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Zero Down Bonds At Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services – A Silver Lining


When it comes to legal troubles, it’s hard to see even the smallest silver lining. Stress, troubles, and more stress continue to plague us. But when it comes to the bail bond industry, Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services is a delightful refresher for clients. Not only does the 27-year-old company pride itself in having the friendliest and most reliable bail agents around, but the company also offers the most affordable bail bond payments among competitors. It may sound too good to be true, but you better believe it – just ask former satisfied clients!

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services kindly offers zero down bonds, where most other companies would object. This means that you do not have to pay anything upon the day of signing paperwork. Rather, you and your bail agent will draw up a payment plan that spans over a period of time, and each payment is a low sum amount. This is a huge relief to many clients who have plenty of other things to worry about.

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