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No one is perfect. Some people struggle more than others. Some people have more bad luck than others. If you, or a loved one, are one of those people, and you find that this is not the first time you are in need of a bail bond, do not be ashamed to reach out to Los Feliz Bail Bond Store. Even if you used us to post bail before, we are not going to turn you away. Like we do with every other client and the first time with you, we promise to work hard and fast to get your loved one out of jail, at a cost and schedule that works for you.

Our company, Los Feliz Bail Bond Store, has been reuniting loved ones for 30 years. We know the bail bond industry inside out. We do not do our jobs just because it pays our bills. We do this because we genuinely want to help people in need. We have a passion for relieving people’s stress and putting smiles back on their faces.

If you need our bail bond services, you can expect a free consultation, right off the bat, no tricks. When everything looks good to you we can proceed with paperwork and getting the jail to process it as quickly as possible so your loved one can be freed. We will set you up on a payment plan that works with your financial situation so that you do not have to struggle to make each payment. Remember that the total of the payments will equal 10% of the bail.

Once your loved one is bailed out, just remember that they need to show up for their court dates. Overall, it will be the same process you experienced the last time you were in this situation. Nonetheless, as mentioned, we will continue to be with you each step of the way. You may now be more familiar with the whole process, but we will not leave it up to you to remember everything.

You have our team, Los Feliz Bail Bond Store, to rely on. So, give us a call at 877-793-2245 or chat with us online anytime you need us!

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What Are the Rights of Someone Who is Arrested?

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. You have the right to a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you.

These are the Miranda Rights that all newly arrested individuals are reminded of. The police are required to remind arrestees of these rights, even if they know them already. If the police fail to read these rights, there could be a legal issue that may jeopardize the arrest.

In addition to the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney represent them, the arrestee also has the right to:

  • Know the charges that are being brought against them.
  • The right to remain innocent until proven guilty.
  • The right to non-excessive bail.

The bail is still going to sound pretty excessive, whether it is a few thousand dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind though that if a person posts cash bail, they get this money returned to them as long as they show up for court. On the other hand, if a person decides to post bail with a bail bond, they only pay 10% of the bail. Here is the catch: they do not get this 10% refunded. What makes the bail bond option ideal though is that it allows friends and family to pay their 10% premium on a custom payment plan, where the due dates occur after the defendant is released from custody.

There are 2 main purposes to bail. The first is to allow the defendant to regain some of their freedom. Remember, defendants have the right to remain innocent until proven guilty, and it is not just to keep a defendant in custody for what could be weeks, months, even years, before a verdict is reached. The second purpose is that bail basically serves as a bribe. The defendant can have their freedom, but if they want their money back, they will have to show up for court. In the case where a bail bond was used, if they want to avoid losing their pledged collateral, they will need to show up for court.

A defendant needs to fight for and protect the rights they do have. Friends, family, the lawyer, and the bail bond team will be on the defendant’s side, protecting their rights as well.

We at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can provide defendants and loved ones with free consultations. We promise to help protect your rights and get you out of jail as soon as possible.

We can be reached online and at 877-793-2245.

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What Happens if My Loved One Misses Court?

Boyle Heights Bail Bond Store

If you are serious about helping your loved one bail out of jail and keeping them bailed out, do not even think about making your premium payments late. Your bail bond payments are what let your loved one live at home instead of in jail, indulge in delicious home cooked meals, go back to work, and spend very important quality time with family and friends.

Keeping up with bail bond payments is one part of your job. The other part is to ensure your loved one shows up for their scheduled court dates. This could be you calling them multiple times in the week leading up to the court date to remind them, or it could be you driving them to court. Whether or not you can trust their word, it never hurts to send a friendly reminder.

If you fail to ensure your loved one shows up for court, or they are late, then the judge will forfeit the bond and the bail bond company will be notified. The judge will then issue a bench warrant for their arrest. Do not even risk running late, plan ahead of time and head to court extra early.

At this point, the bail bond company can back you and your loved one up and request that the judge cancels the bench warrant and reinstate the bail. Then they would reschedule a new court date. This outcome will let the defendant stay free and out on bail. This second chance means they must show up for the new court date on time.

However, there is no guarantee that the bail bond company would be accommodating. Instead of reinstating the bail, they can have their team go out, find your loved one, and bring them back into custody, where they will remain.

We know you are going to protect your loved one. At times, it is going to be a tough job. You will feel like you are nagging and being annoying but truthfully, it is necessary for you to be this way. Remind them you want nothing but the best for them, and the best for them is to have your full support.

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