Preparing for a Custody Case

Preparing for a Custody Case

Sometimes relationships don’t work out. While it’s never easy when a couple decides they simply aren’t meant to be together, it’s significantly harder when there are children involved. Not only does sharing children mean that your now-former significant other will always be connected to your life, but it also means you have to prepare for a California custody case. 

The good news is that there are some things you can do to make the child custody case easier for you and your kids.

In a perfect world, you and your ex both agree that you want what’s best for your kids and are amicable enough that you can work together to create a custody plan. When you have to appear for a formal custody hearing, there’s a good chance that the judge will work with you to formalize the plan.

If you and your ex can’t work out a custody plan on your own things become complicated. In this situation, the judge will look at both parents and try to figure out a custody arrangement that’s best for your kids.
There are things you can do that increase the odds of things going your way.

Spend as Much Time With Your Kids as Possible

It’s likely that the separation has already taken a toll on how often you’re able to see your kids. Try to create a schedule that at least shows the judge you’re making an effort to spend time with your kids. If possible, try to work out a schedule that you can stick to that guarantees your kids will be with you on specific days and specific times. When you do have your kids, make the time you spend with your kids as high-quality and loving as possible.

What you don’t want to do is constantly turn your kids over to babysitters, daycare centers, and relatives when they’re supposed to be bonding with you. Once in a while is okay, but it shouldn’t be a regular thing.

Become Steady and Reliable

When it comes to choosing a custodial parent, one of the big things the court looks at is who is the more dependable parent. This means that once you make a commitment, you stick to it. Make sure you’re picking your kids up on time, taking them to medical appointments, and attending extracurricular activities.

Stay Clean

You don’t want to get into legal trouble while you’re in the middle of a custody battle. Many people have lost custody because they made one bad decision that led to a DUI. No matter how stressed you are or how badly you need a break, you need to remind yourself that your kids need you to be a responsible and law-abiding member of society.

Keep Detailed Records

The court is going to take a long, hard, and sometimes intrusive look at your personal life. You can make things easier for the court and yourself by keeping accurate and detailed records of the time you spent with your kids, your finances, and even your work history. The better your records are, the more likely it becomes that the court will rule in your favor.

The key to preparing for a custody case in California is presenting yourself as a level-headed, practical, and loving parent.

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Resisting Arrest in California

Resisting Arrest in California

Resisting arrest is usually an additional charge individuals discover they have to deal with after they’ve been arrested. 

What is Resisting Arrest?

The easiest way to think of resisting arrest is to consider it a catchall phrase/charge police use to describe basically any situation where a suspect fails to quietly submit to being arrested. Individuals who have also taken steps to make it difficult for the police to conduct a proper investigation have also found themselves charged with resisting arrest. 

The problem with resisting arrest charges is that they can sometimes be subjective and based on little more than the arresting officer’s attitude on a given day. Protesting when handcuffs are put on, balking when being loaded into the police car, and running when the police indicate they’re about to arrest you are examples of resisting arrest. The problem is that some people have been charged with resisting arrest because an officer felt they took too long to respond to a question or weren’t snappy when told to do something simple, such as presenting their hands to be cuffed.

Reasons officers have filed resisting arrest charges in California include:

• The individual provided false identification to the officer
• The individual deliberately prevented the officer from questioning a witness
• The individual knowingly interfered while the police were conducting surveillance
• The individual got in the way while the officer was arresting another person

The good news is that actually being convicted of a resisting arrest charge requires that a few things happen.

If the charge goes to court, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor and arresting officer. To secure a guilty conviction, they have to:

Prove that you understood you were being arrested and that you were confident that the person doing the arresting was a police officer
That your acts of resistance were intentional and not triggered by confusion, miscommunication, fear, or intimidation
Show that the officer followed strict protocol during the arrest and didn’t do anything that encouraged you to resist


What Happens if You’re Convicted of Resisting Arrest?

Resisting arrest in California is considered a misdemeanor. If you’re found or plead guilty, the maximum sentence includes spending a full year in a county jail and being required to pay a $1,00 fine. When the judge gets ready to sentence you, they’ll look at things like the circumstances that led up to the resisting arrest charge, your criminal history, and even the arresting officer’s history. In many cases, the judge will ultimately opt to simply sentence you to misdemeanor probation and require that you pay some sort of fine.

Defending Yourself From a Resisting Arrest Charge

If you’re defending yourself from a resisting arrest charge in California, the first thing you need to do is align yourself with a good lawyer who will help you present a case. Possible defenses in a resisting arrest case include:

You were falsely accused
You didn’t understand what the police officer expected

Since witness statements are so important when it comes to defending against resisting arrest in California charges, you’ll want to address the issue while everyone still has a clear memory of the events.

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Get Your First Month Free

Get Your First Month Free

Due to how suddenly the need to pay bail can arise, many people simply cannot afford to post their loved one’s bail. Trying to bail someone out of jail can be very costly, usually several thousands of dollars. This large price can prevent many people from even trying to bail out their loved one. These people that gave up did not know about Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles.

Bail bonds on their own are 90% cheaper than paying for the bail itself. This is a huge savings, and can be enough to make bail affordable for some people. However, there are others who still need the price to be lower. That is why Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles offers a discount for clients.

Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we understand how hard it can be to come up with the funds to pay for a bail bond unexpectedly. This is why we allow qualified clients the first month of their bail bond free. This means that clients with good credit do not have to make their first payment on the bail bond until a month after their loved one has been released from jail.

This makes bailing a loved one out of jail easy and affordable for our clients. They are able to use that first month to gather their bearing and begin putting money aside to make that first payment. Now, instead of being caught off guard by the need to post bail, they can plan for it while still being able to get their loved one out of jail quickly and easily.

This is just one of the ways that Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles makes bail bonds more affordable for Californians. We also provide customized payment plans for all clients, as well as offer an additional discount for qualified clients.

To learn more about how we make bail bonds more affordable, call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles Makes Posting Bail Easy for First-Timers

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles Makes Posting Bail Easy for First-Timers

Do you have a lot of questions about bail and how it works? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people have questions about bail and lucky for you, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is here to help. We have professional bail agents located all over the state of California who are ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, our agents are some of the very best in the state. They have years of training and experience behind them. We keep them at the top of their game by putting them through training every other year. This ensures that our team is always up to date on everything bail.

Our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide free consultations to whoever needs them. If you have questions about bail, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our agents. They will happily answer your questions and walk you through each step of the bail process.

We make posting bail an affordable option for our clients by providing them with a bail bond that only costs 10% of the bail that it is for. This gives our clients a 90% discount, but we don’t stop there. We also provide all of our clients with personalized payment plans that break up the cost even further and spread it out over several months. This way, everyone can afford to bail out their loved ones.

At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles we are aware that most people are posting bail for the first time and therefore have a lot of questions on the matter. We are more than happy to answer those questions and help you rescue your friend or family member from jail. We provide all of the following for our clients:

• 24/7 Bail bond service
• 20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral with working signer
• Hablamos Español


Want to talk to a bail agent now? Just call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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Getting an Affordable Bail Bond from Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Getting an Affordable Bail Bond from Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

It is impossible to prepare for every eventuality. In fact, most people can only afford to prepare for their day to day lives. They live paycheck to paycheck, making it near impossible to put any money into savings. So, when an unexpected expense pops up, it can be almost impossible for them to handle it on their own.

For instance, if a friend or family member gets arrested, this person would not be able to afford to help post bail. However, they could afford to get a bail bond from Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we strive at making bail bonds affordable for our clients. A person should never give up on rescuing a loved one from jail before talking to one of our agents.

We offer discounts for qualified clients, and we create customized payment plans for everyone. With a payment plan, a person may discover that they can afford to bail out there friend or family member. Qualifying for the discount is easy. All that is needed, is for one of the co-signers to be a homeowner, or member of a union, AARP, or military.

On top of all of this, here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we look at more than just a client’s credit score. We do not judge people on their credit score, because we know that they are more than just a number.

If a person is living pay check to paycheck, and they find out that a friend or family member has been arrested, they need to contact Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We will help them realize that they can actually afford to rescue their loved one from jail thanks to our personalized payment plans.

Anyone can get a free consultation with a professional bail agent by calling 877-793-2254 now.

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What are Your Questions about Bail?

Have Questions about Bail?

People always have questions about the bail bond process. This is usually due to the fact that no one ever wants to imagine a scenario where they need to bail a loved one out of jail. Due to this fact, no one ever learns about bailing someone out of jail. Unfortunately for you, you never thought you would need to bail a family member out of jail, and yet here you are.

However, you are lucky because you have found Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We are a statewide company that has been dealing with bail bonds since our founding 34 years ago. We know all there is to know about bail bonds, and we like to keep it that way. This is why we train and retrain our bail agents every other year.

When you come looking for bail help, you want only the best. That is what we provide. We provide each of our clients with the best bail help available in the state of California. No other bail bond company can take care of its clients like we can. We start working for you the moment you talk to an agent, and we will not rest until your loved one is back home.

You will never feel lost when you have one of our bail agents help you. Our expert agents can answer all of your questions about bailing someone out of jail. Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we like to keep our clients informed. This means making sure they know what is going on with their loved one’s release at each step of the way. You will never be left in the dark.

You can talk to a bail agent about bailing out your loved one now by clicking Chat With Us or calling 877-793-2254.

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What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

Murphy’s Law is something we’re all used to, but might not realize it. Murphy’s Law is the statement, “if anything can go wrong, it will”. The phrase originally came from a man named Edward A. Murphy Jr. He was an aerospace engineer who worked on a how much deceleration a person could withstand in a crash. Murphy would be working on his project and would give advice, or “laws” his assistants would write them down. That is why we now have a phrase about bad luck.

Murphy was a pessimist, and would always be prepared for the worst. Be like Murphy. Be prepared for everything and anything to go wrong and you’ll never be disappointed. It’s best to be prepared anyways that way when things go wrong, you’re not surprised. For example, if you get arrested, be prepared by remembering our name, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles.

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles can be your readiness prep plan for you. We can help you get out of a disastrous situation. Let us be there when Murphy’s Law hits you, and you wind up arrested. Our agents are ready for you 24/7. Don’t let your bad luck get the best of you.

Discounts can make bad luck a little more bearable. Especially when the situation is needing to be bailed out. No one plans on getting arrested and an unplanned expense like bail money can be a real financial burden. Knowing what discounts we have to offer can be extremely helpful when deciding which bail company to go with. At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we offer a 20% discount for military, AARP, union members, and customers who have a private attorney.

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go bad, will go bad. The good news for you is that Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply to us at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We’re prepared for anything and everything. With our experience in the bail bonds world, and our highly trained agents, you will feel confident when you pick us to bail you out.

If you’re ready to turn your luck around just click Chat With Us or call 877-793-2254 now.

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You Can Count On Our Family to Help with Bail

You Can Count On Our Family to Help with Bail

Family is a pretty amazing thing. It is a group of people who you can trust to always be there for you whenever you need help. If you ever run into trouble you can always count on family to assist you in getting out of trouble. However, your family can have trouble when trying to bail someone out of jail. Very few people are ever prepared for this kind of situation, and you and your family are probably going to need outside help.

Unfortunately, problems can arise when you need to get help outside of family and you are not careful who you talk to. You need to find someone as reliable and trustworthy as your own family members. You can find bail agents like that working here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We are a family-owned company, and you can trust us as much as you would your own family.

When you talk to one of our agents, they will answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire bail bond process. Everything you discuss with your bail agent will be confidential and kept between you and your agent. If you come to Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, you will have a professional bail agent working by your side.

Unlike other bail bond companies out there, we never try to take advantage of our clients here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. You are under a lot of stress when trying to bail a loved one out of jail, we do not want to add to that stress. This is why we do not hide fees within the bail bond’s contract in an attempt to make more money.

When you need help, you rely on family. When you need bail help, you can rely on the family working here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. You can count on the fact that you can rely on us to help you with all of your bail needs.

For the best family bail help in California, contact Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles at 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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What is Required at the Time of Signing a Bail Agreement

What is Required at the Time of Signing a Bail Agreement

One of the first big decisions you’ll have to make following your arrest is which bail bond company you want to work with. If you decide that Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is best for you, the next step is signing a bail agreement.
The bail agreement is nothing more than a simple contract that lays out the limits of your bail, explains that you need to attend your court appearances, and outlines the payment play we’ve designed for you.

The Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles bail agreement uses simple language and is very clear.

Having everything you need at the ready when we present your bail agreement means you can go to work posting your bail so you can go home right away. Not having everything leads to a significant delay.
Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand when you sign your bail agreement
The first thing is 10% of your bail. This is our fee. In exchange for paying us 10%, we pay the court 100% of your bail. Remember, this is a fee. When your case reaches its conclusion, we keep the 10% fee.

Additional things you’ll need include:

• Driver’s license or state ID number
• Social security number
• Proof of employment (if applicable)
• Current address
• Collateral (when applicable)

If someone is co-signing for your bail we will also need their information before we can finalize the bail agreement.

We want you to be comfortable with the terms of your bail and encourage you to ask lots of questions before you sign the contract. Once you have been released on bail, you’re free to contact us anytime that you need information about the contract.

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles has been helping bail people just like yourself out of jail for several years. We have decades of experience and are the most respected bail bonds business in the region. The list of services our clients enjoy include:

• 24/7 Bail bond service
• 0% Interest payment plans
20% Discount
• No hidden fees
• Online payments
• Phone approvals
• Working signers don’t have to provide collateral
• Free consultations 

We want to help you get out of jail as soon as possible and reunite you with your loved ones. The only way we can do this is if you contact us. When you do, you’ll be delighted with our outstanding customer service.

Feel free to call us at 877-793-2254 or click the Chat With Us link. 

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What Is The “Bait and Switch” When Is It Illegal?

What Is The “Bait and Switch” When Is It Illegal?

Bait and switch is a cute term that refers to a nasty con game. If you’re the victim of a bait and switch scam you’ve purchased one item only to be given something that doesn’t match the description of what you purchased. Bait and switch typically involve businesses who use the tactic to lure customers in by advertising a great product at a fantastic price only to provide something that’s quite different.

Identifying That you Were a Victim of Bait and Switch

The FTC has done an excellent job of creating guidelines that clarify when a “bait and switch” situation has happened.
According to the FTC, you weren’t a victim of a bait and switch con if you:

Were convinced to buy something different 
If the seller simply runs out of whatever item they were promoting, especially when the business clearly stated that they only had limited quantities of the promoted item

The only way you are a true victim of bait and switch is when the seller clearly had no intention of selling the promoted product.

Bait and switch occurs when:

• The seller had no intention of parting with the promoted item
• They fail to be honest about warranties, availability, repairs, description, etc.
• The do something that actively discourages their sales team from selling the promoted item
• Simply refuses to sell the bait
• Fails to honor the terms of the promotion (such as failing to ship the item in a reasonable amount of time causing you to cancel the item or replace it with something else)


Is Bait and Switch Illegal

Bait and switch isn’t just an immoral marketing tactic, it’s illegal. If you have recently found yourself caught in the middle of a bait and switch scam, there are steps you can take to resolve the situation. The first thing you need to do is contact the FTC and file a formal complaint. This alerts them to the situation and triggers an investigation.

While you’re waiting for the FTC to respond to your complaint, find an experienced lawyer who will not only help you understand all the legal terms but who will also do everything in their power to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. If your lawyer decides you have a strong case, they’ll likely encourage you to file a lawsuit and seek out damages.

What you shouldn’t do, is share your experience on social media or leave scathing reviews on the business website. Saying the wrong thing not only could cost you your bait and switch case, but it could also cause the business to file a slander lawsuit against you. It’s in your best interest to stay quiet until the case has been resolved.

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