Understanding Bail Bonds 101


If you’re someone who doesn’t know too much about bail bonds, but you find yourself needing to pay for one, don’t be ashamed to questions. Bail bonds are a serious matter and since it is your money and your freedom, you will want to know exactly what bail bonds are.

To summarize it simply:

Bail bonds are an optional way for newly arrested individuals to get bailed out of jail. A professional bail bondsman will assist and oversee the entire process, charging only 10-15% of the full bail price of the jailed person as a fee. The jailed person doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to pay the bail bond. Friends and family members may also help pay for the bail bond, which is set up on a low monthly rate payment plan. A part of the agreement to a bail bond is that the defendant will need to show up to court whenever he or she is asked. They will also be required to stay out of trouble during the time that they are out of jail. If he or she were to violate any of these terms of release, then the bail bond can be revoked, and the defendant will be returned to jail.

In the long run, those paying for a bail bond will lose money (10-15% of the full bail bond price) but in the short term view, this route of bailing out of jail is more affordable. The other option to paying for bail is going without a bail bond company, and needing to pay 100% of the bail bond price up front, however, that person would be refunded that money at the end of the case in question.

Bail bonds are a much better option for most defendants and their families. Find out how Indio Bail Bond Store can help you and your loved ones today!

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This Is What Happens In The Immediate Hours Following An Arrest

California Bail Bond Store

What happens in the immediate hours following an arrest is what is called the booking process. This is when your official arrest record is updated. The booking process sounds like a quick 10 minute procedure but it can really take quite awhile depending on the number of people being booked and the number of officers working. Here is what will happen:

  1. Your name and crime will be recorded.
  2. Your mug shot will be taken.
  3. You will undergo a full body search. Personal items and clothing will be taken. Of course, you will be given new clothing to wear.
  4. You will be fingerprinted.
  5. You will be scanned for any outstanding warrants or other charges like unpaid tickets.
  6. You will take a health screening.

There may be more steps involved, which will be up to the discretion of the police, but these are the main steps involved in the booking process.

Even if you post bail before you are booked, you cannot officially be released yet. You must wait until you have been booked. That being said, please do not hesitate to contact us at California Bail Bond Store immediately when you know you are eligible for bail. We’ll help you and any loved ones come up with a low monthly rate payment plan. Once all the paperwork is signed we’ll get your bail bond to the jail as quickly as possible so once you are done with the booking, you can leave. The bail bond process with us takes only a short time and can be done over the phone so your wait time in jail isn’t any longer than it needs to be.

Please call us at 800-793-2245 soon!

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Don’t Miss Mother’s Day – Bail Out Your Family!

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All Mom want’s for Mother’s Day is to spend time with her family, even if one of you has gotten arrested. She probably doesn’t get to spend as much time with the whole family as she would like, which is why Mother’s Day is a great encourager for families to be together.

We can help you get your loved one out of jail and home in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Our bail process is simple and fast because we know how precious time is, holiday or not. First, we will get the information we need from the jail. Then, we will agree on a low monthly rate payment plan. This way, you do not have to pay us the cost all at once! After we finish the paperwork (less than a half hour!) we will transfer the documents to the jail for processing. You’ll be reunited with your loved one within a few hours.

Bail bonds are a great alternative to paying the full bail in cash. Bail bonds are more affordable for many, as there are payment plans and you can pay with other forms like credit cards and collateral. The most important agreement of the bail bond is that the arrested person must appear in court when the court orders. Failure to do so can result in a re-arrest and the withdrawal of bail, to name a few consequences.

So, call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store now at 714-973-2245 so you can bail out your family member and give Mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

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