Embarrassed To Need A Bail Bond? Don’t Be!


We mean it when we say you should never be embarrassed to need a bail bond. For one, our team at Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services is not about judging what you or your loved one has done. And two, this is a way to show others that you’re taking this “second chance” seriously. You could easily be sitting in jail hiding from people who are whispering about you. But instead you choose to bail out and face them, despite their talking. By bailing out of jail, you are not afraid to go about your daily life and face the legal proceedings that are coming your way.

Your Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services agent will see that you are released from jail as soon as possible. He or she will also be with you every step of the way through your trial period. We’re here to provide support. Get in touch with Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services today!

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No Charges After 48 Hours? You’re Free To Go


So you know, a person can only be detained up to 48 hours in California without having any charges filed against them.

If an officer takes you in, they may hold you for two days. But if in those two days, no charges are filed, you have the right to return home. The police legally cannot keep you any longer – that would be against their authority.

This is important to know in case the police ever hold you or someone you love. This is under very serious circumstances, clearly, and you need to stay on top of your rights to protect yourself.

If and when any charges are ever filed, you will have a bail hearing. Following that, if you are eligible for bail, we encourage you to exercise your right to bail by contacting us, Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services. We will help you protect that right – you are still innocent, as you have yet to be formally found guilty.

Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services can be reached anywhere in California – we deploy our agents and representatives to where you need us!

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This Is When You’d Get Arrested For Jaywalking


Even though most people do it, it’s still illegal: jaywalking. There are a bunch of other such instances where it’s technically illegal to do something but people do it anyway and get away with it all the time. But this time, we’ll focus on jaywalking because the police, especially in Lawndale, are cracking down on it, even more than before.

More people will drive than walk in Lawndale, for various reasons. And most locals are more cautious about jaywalking than perhaps transplants from San Francisco or Boston, cities where foot traffic is very high. Jaywalking tickets are more common in Lawndale and one might even be issued one if they step off the curb to cross a street when the countdown and flashing hand signal is running.

Now, one generally wouldn’t be arrested for jaywalking, but if they argue with the officer and it gets out of hand, they may be. Also, if they let their unpaid tickets keep piling up, they eventually will be arrested too. This is when getting a bail bonds would help, especially bail bonds like those issued from Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services!

Get a person who was just recently arrested out of jail today!

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That $8 Shot Is Going To End Up Costing You Thousands


Consider this before you even start drinking tonight: that last $8 shot that you’re half hesitant on taking could end up costing you thousands. It could be the few ounces of alcohol that tips you past the legal BAC limit, which for California, is 0.08%. It could be the drink that causes you be pulled over and arrested, or even worse – get into a serious accident, and arrested. This is what is going to make your night turn from fun to a complete disaster.

    We have a few tips:

  1. Say “NO” to too much alcohol. By now you know your limits.
  2. Designate a sober driver in the group.
  3. Call a cab or ride share service to drive everyone. Or call a friend or family member who is sober at home to come get you.
  4. Do not let inebriated pals drive home.
  5. Drink water and make sure to feed your inebriated friends to help soak up some of that alcohol. This also causes you to spend more time in one place, meaning you can sober up a bit too.

The goal, obviously, is to avoid any major incidents and (knock on wood) accidents and (knock on wood again) casualties. Once you’re 100% sober and you’ve come to fully realize the damages you cause while drunk is a pain we hate to see, and we see it all too often for those we bail out of jail. We hope this does not happen to you too, but if it does you can rely on Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services to bail you to of jail too. You have plenty of consequences to face and people to apologize to.

Please call us at 800-793-2245 or go to Cal Bail Bond Store.

We will support you through this whole process!

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Did You Know It’s Actually A Crime To Open Another Person’s Mail?


You’re in possession of mail that is clearly addressed to another person. Maybe their mail continues to get sent to your address, a residence they lived at before you. Maybe you’re at the office and reception accidentally left another person’s envelope in between two addressed to you. Whatever the case, you see that your name is not on it, and therefore should not open it. But did you know that opening someone else’s mail is actually a federal crime? There are some exceptions.

If you truly accidentally opened someone else’s mail by mistake, then you did not commit this crime. However, it’s imperative that once you realize it’s not intended for you, you write “return to sender” or “wrong address” and put it back in a mailbox or the outgoing mail. It is illegal to intentionally intervene in the delivery of mail, including opening something not for you, realizing it’s not for you, and then throwing it away. You must take action to return to the mail service.

Anytime you see mail not addressed to you, were never given permission to open it, and open it anyway – that’s illegal.

Offenders are looking at fines and prison time if they’re caught opening mail illegally. They can get out of jail with a bail bond, but only before/ during the trial process. They’re they’re found guilty and sentenced to prison time, then there is nothing a bail bond will do for them at that point.

Learn more about bail bonds for the period before/during the trial process . . .

Please contact Lawndale Bail Bond Store Services at Cal BAIL Bonds Now or call 800-793-2245.

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