What Are the Rights of Someone Who is Arrested?

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You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. You have the right to a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you.

These are the Miranda Rights that all newly arrested individuals are reminded of. The police are required to remind arrestees of these rights, even if they know them already. If the police fail to read these rights, there could be a legal issue that may jeopardize the arrest.

In addition to the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney represent them, the arrestee also has the right to:

  • Know the charges that are being brought against them.
  • The right to remain innocent until proven guilty.
  • The right to non-excessive bail.

The bail is still going to sound pretty excessive, whether it is a few thousand dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind though that if a person posts cash bail, they get this money returned to them as long as they show up for court. On the other hand, if a person decides to post bail with a bail bond, they only pay 10% of the bail. Here is the catch: they do not get this 10% refunded. What makes the bail bond option ideal though is that it allows friends and family to pay their 10% premium on a custom payment plan, where the due dates occur after the defendant is released from custody.

There are 2 main purposes to bail. The first is to allow the defendant to regain some of their freedom. Remember, defendants have the right to remain innocent until proven guilty, and it is not just to keep a defendant in custody for what could be weeks, months, even years, before a verdict is reached. The second purpose is that bail basically serves as a bribe. The defendant can have their freedom, but if they want their money back, they will have to show up for court. In the case where a bail bond was used, if they want to avoid losing their pledged collateral, they will need to show up for court.

A defendant needs to fight for and protect the rights they do have. Friends, family, the lawyer, and the bail bond team will be on the defendant’s side, protecting their rights as well.

We at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can provide defendants and loved ones with free consultations. We promise to help protect your rights and get you out of jail as soon as possible.

We can be reached online and at 877-793-2245.

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What Should and Shouldn’t I Do if Arrested

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Chaos ensues when someone is arrested. Sometimes, the person is neglectful of what they should and should not do or say because they are stressed and not thinking clearly. They need to cooperate with the police, but at the same time, they need to protect themselves as much as possible. Just because someone is arrested does not mean they have no rights. A person is innocent until proven guilty, and they have rights no matter what.

Upon an arrest, here are some things the person should consider for their benefit:

  • Remain silent – This is the defendant’s right to refuse further questioning from the police until their lawyer arrives.
  • Get a lawyer – Defendants have the right to a lawyer to help fight their case in court and represent them. If they cannot afford one, one will be appointed to them.
  • Remember the arresting officers’ name and/ or badge number, as well as the patrol car. Defendants can have their lawyer get this information as well.
  • Remember where and when the arrest occurred.
  • Get contact information from any eyewitnesses of your arrest so you can get their statement, as well as any cell phone footage they might have captured.
  • Remain respectful of the police officers, and remain as calm as possible. Do not resist arrest. Even if you believe you are being wrongfully arrested, it benefits you to go with them in peace and sort out the problem later on. If you start mouthing off, get physical, or attempt to escape, then you could face additional charges.
  • Take photos of any injuries you may have sustained and seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • If the police want to search anything, have them come back with a search warrant first.
  • Bail out of jail as soon as possible. Getting a bail bond agency to assist with a bail bond could likely be the best solution for you, as it could be the more affordable and faster way for you to be released.
  • Let your lawyer work things out with the police and prosecutors. They will, of course, keep you and your loved ones up-to-date and consult with you. Remember, they are the professionals and they know the best ways to help you. Anything you wish to say to the police and/ or prosecutors should be done with your lawyer’s advice and presence.

As challenging as it is to imagine a positive outcome from such a somber situation, remember that not everyone who is arrested ends up being found guilty and put into jail. Defendants are not alone, they have many people fighting for them and supporting them. Defendants know the truth of what happened, which is motivation for them to keep their heads up.

If your loved one is ever arrested, do your best to remind them that there is hope. Remind them of their rights and what they should and should not do. Help them bail out of jail with a bail bond from Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, who can be reached at 877-793-2245 and online 24/7.

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California Bail Bond Store Protects Your Community

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The purpose of bail bonds is to release a recently arrested individual from jail for the days until his or her first court appearance. This person who may or may not actually be guilty for the crime they are being accused of. And because everyone is protected by the “innocent until proven guilty” phrase, (most) all arrestees have the right to bail. So you’re probably wondering then, bail bond companies protect the communities in which they serve…

Defendants out on bail are less likely to commit another crime, aware of their harsher consequences if they fail to abide by the conditions of their bail release. With a crime now on their record, they have a lot more to prove to the people that they are not a bad person. They are also more likely to show up in court responsibly.

But, in the less-likely situation where a defendant decides not to go to court, their bond is forfeited. The bail agent is now responsible for retrieving the defendant and/ or coughing up the full bail amount. And because the bail agent doesn’t want to pay the thousands of dollars, they will most definitely not rest until they’ve located the defendant.

Bail bond companies like California Bail Bond Store are continuously working to protect the community.

If you need help in bailing someone out of jail, please call California Bail Bond Store toll-free at 800-793-2245. We’ll help protect you and your loved one and also the community too.

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She Thought Her Life Was Over When She Was Arrested. She Was Wrong.

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Young, beautiful, social, and successful. She was thoroughly enjoying her life, as it seemed as picture perfect as possible. Then one day, she was arrested (for a crime we will not discuss, as it could be anything between not paying tickets to murder). Sitting in jail, she thought her life as she knew it, was over- she’d never survive prison.

Then her friend came through in a big way. The friend, a huge supporter in this girls’ life, contact California Bail Bond Store Service, who was able to help the friend bail the girl out of jail. While this doesn’t solidify her avoiding potential prison-time, it certainly gave the girl more confidence, hope, and reality-check. While she knows she still may go to court, she realized that thinking her life was over was wrong.

Yes, getting arrested is a bad thing, but California Bail Bond Store Service is on your side. California believes in the right to bail and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So, California will work very hard with every client to secure jail-release with a bail bond. By doing this, California aims to reunite loved ones and reassure those who are in trouble, that they have a support system, and that they can bounce back from getting arrested.

Contact California Bail Bond Store Service at calbailbonds.com or 800-793-2245 with any questions or concerns, or to bail your loved one out of jail.

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