Renting A Party Home In Hollywood May Soon Be A Crime


It may soon be a misdemeanor to rent a house in the Hollywood Hills for the purpose of extravagant, wild partying. Residents of the area have increased complaints regarding noise and traffic. For the LAPD to respond to these complaints on a nightly basis, it can result in being very costly and ultimately a waste of time. Apparently, the hosts do not care about the fines they need to pay (after all, they are filthy rich). But, knowing that it could go on their criminal record might make them consider otherwise.

If this does go into effect, multiple offenses can eventually become a real problem for the offender where they may face much more than just a big citation and a misdemeanor mark on their criminal record. Just like any other crimes, multiple misdemeanor offenses of the same crime can lead to an arrest and possibly jail time. For now though, nothing is changed. The LAPD and the community council will be revisiting the situation multiple times in the coming months before making a final decision and announcement. Currently, people partying in the Hollywood Hills can still get in trouble and get arrested for other reasons like providing alcohol to minors or drinking and driving, etc. If this happens to you or someone you know (and not just from a party in Hollywood), you can get a bail bond to get out of jail!

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Can You Really Hike To The Hollywood Sign?


If you’ve seen the movie “Friends With Benefits” (2011) starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, you know that in the film, the two hike to the famed Hollywood sign, trespass, and sit on it. They’re soon interrupted by the police. The same will happen to you if you do this in real life. The Hollywood Sign is actually fenced off. You can hike to some spots below the sign or a spot behind it, but not directly to it. Trespassing is a crime and you need to know this:

  • If you are caught trespassing (not just to the Hollywood sign, but anywhere) you may be arrested, unless the officer(s) are kind enough let you go with a warning.
  • If charged as an infraction, you would have a fine to pay.
  • If charged as a misdemeanor (the most common tier for California trespass cases), you face up to 6 months in county jail and/ or a fine of up to $1,000.
  • If charged as a felony, you face a longer jail or prison term. Felony charges for trespassing are generally aggravated trespassing.

We know you desperately want to get onto the Hollywood sign for a very cool Instagram shot or to say that you’ve sat there where celebs have too, but don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. There’s a security guard up there anyway. If you are ever arrested for trespassing, we at Hollywood Bail Bond Store Services will help with your bail costs by providing you with an affordable bail bond!

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Why Violent Crime In Hollywood Has Increased In The Last Year


A recent study has shown that violent crime in Hollywood has increased by 21% in the last year. Hollywood is glitz and glamour. The population is growing as are the number of bars and clubs. Sure, many crimes develop from drunk people emerging from these hotspots, but these are not the only direct cause of increased crime. Overall, it’s a combination of nightlife and increased population.

If you are going out and will be drinking, designate a sober driver or call a cab. If you find yourself close to an altercation, back down. If you see one happening, call the police. Cooperate with the police. If they arrest you, don’t resist. If they aren’t arresting you, don’t give them any suspicious reason to change their minds.

Get out of jail first and then figure out how you are going to approach next steps for your legal process and regrouping with friends and family. You can always get out of jail with Hollywood Bail Bond Store Services

But even before doing this, try to do the best you can to stay away from danger in Hollywood if you ever see it. Even if you aren’t putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, you should always exercise common sense and safety when in Hollywood, especially at night. Here are some simple guidelines to follow; Make sure to always:

  • Have keys ready as you approach your car or house.
  • Have your cell phone charged.
  • Never have headphones on or anything that might impair your hearing.
  • Always walk in well-lit/well-populated areas.

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