How To React When You Learn Your Loved One Is in Jail


Coaching someone on how to react when they learn their loved one has been arrested and put into jail is nearly impossible. For one, no one anticipates such a call or has time to prepare themselves on how to react when they get the call. Secondly, it is such a heavy situation that all kinds of emotions will run high and low. Each person has a different personality and demeanor. Each defendant’s arrest situation will be different. Here are some tips we like to provide our clients with that might help you guide how you react when you pick your loved one up from jail after bailing him or her out.

  • Express relief and be sure to show your love and support. More than likely, your loved one will already feel embarrassed, ashamed, and absolutely disgusted with him or herself and the overall situation. They will need your support.
  • Release verbal anger only when you are in private. Avoid lashing out at him or her in front of others. That is not going to do anyone any good and there is no point in making him or her feel more embarrassed and ashamed than he or she already is. Plus, it makes everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Offer your advice on how to best move forward and prepare for the next few days and weeks. Suggest therapy or counseling. If he or she is responding well to your advice, offer to do some research and help him or her get in touch.
  • Spend more time with him or her. This is a big way to show your love and support, but it also lets you keep a closer eye on him or her and see that he or she does not get into additional trouble. You can also look out for signs if he or she is still feeling rotten.
  • Remind him or her that this was just a one-time mistake, and not a true reflection of the type of person that he or she really is. The type of person that he or she really is, is a good, honest person. This arrest is not the end of his or her life.

There is no predicting what exactly will happen from the moment you bail your loved one out of jail, but we do hope things run as smoothly and progressively as possible. Hemet Bail Bond Store is always here to help you and to help your loved one.

If, and when, you need bail bond help, call up Hemet Bail Bond Store at 800-793-2245 or chat with a professional online for immediate assistance.

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Q&A Session on Bail Bonds


Most people are not familiar with bail and bail bonds, which we see as a good thing, because it means they have never needed to use one. However, for those who do become involved in this industry and are in need of one, it is good to get the basics down. We get many of the same questions repeated from different clients.

  • Question: What is bail?
  • Answer: Bail is the temporary release of a defendant, a recently arrested individual. A certain amount of money must be paid in order for the defendant to be released and the defendant is also promising to show up for court appointments.
  • Q: How much is the financial requirement for bail?
  • A: The bail price will depend on what crime took place, whether the defendant has a criminal history, and what ties and relationships he or she has with the community. Each person’s bail will be different and can be a few thousand dollars to a couple million.
  • Q: What if I cannot afford a bail that is thousands or millions?
  • A: Anyone willing to assist the defendant in paying for bail can. There is also the option of getting a bail bond, which costs only 10% of the full bail amount. Bail bonds may require co-signers and collateral. Again, anyone willing to assist with paying and pledging collateral for a bail bond can. Most people use bail bonds.
  • Q: Who can I get a bail bond from?
  • A: Hemet Bail Bond Store, one of California’s most trusted, reliable, and successful bail bonds companies.

If you have additional questions regarding bail or bail bonds, or would like a free consultation for a bail bond, get in touch with Hemet Bail Bond Store today!

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3 Laws You Probably Have Broken Without Realizing It


Have you sung happy birthday recently, or went on the Internet while at Starbucks? Well, if you have, you broke the law! There are quite a few laws out there that you, and millions of others, have probably broken but didn’t realize it.

  • Singing Happy Birthday in public could quickly any happy birthday into a sad one. The song is actually copyrighted. Just because it’s almost absurd NOT to sing the song during the party doesn’t mean the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers won’t file a suit. They actually threatened to sue the Girl Scouts of America.
  • Connecting to public “WiFi” networks, or “WiFi” squatting, is against the law, even if it doesn’t ask for a password. Most people don’t consider this, especially if they only need the Internet for a short moment.
  • Providing a false name online for emails or username accounts makes people think they are protecting their own privacy. However, this act is illegal and can relate to fraud. So even using ‘Twitter’ under a different name can mean you are contributing to illegal activity.

If it helps, you’re not the only person to have broken these laws without realizing it. The majority of people are in the same boat! It’s highly unlikely you will be approached by the police for these “crimes”, but it is good to know and to be aware of this.

If for any reason, you or a person you know is in jail, please contact your Hemet Bail Bond Store bail agent today! We’ll get you a bail bond to get you out of jail ASAP!

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3 Reasons Why Hemet Bail Bond Store Is The Best Bail Company In California


Available 24/7:
The police don’t wait 8 hours overnight before making an arrest. Hospitals don’t close emergency rooms until the next work day. So, why should Hemet Bail Bond Store make you wait until the next business day before getting you a bail bond? We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or make anyone wait in jail longer than they need to.

Customized Payment Plans
Financial situations at home are different for everyone. We all have different necessities to pay for at different costs, and some may have more dependents than others. Plus, we don’t all have the same income. So we don’t expect every single person to be able to afford the same bail bond at the same payment plan rate. We will customize each payment plan as much as possible to fit your needs.

Reliable, Exceptionally Helpful Bail Agents
Hemet Bail Bond Store boasts many professional and licensed bail agents, each of whom is incredibly dedicated to the industry, the company, and our clients. Our agents are invested in each case, seeing clients through the whole processing, making sure it goes as smoothly as possible. More helpful and reliable bail agents can’t be found anywhere else in California.

They’re here at Hemet Bail Bond Store!

Find out for yourself how Hemet Bail Bond Store can help you today. We won’t let you down!

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Bail Is No Different For Celebrities


Everyone thinks that celebrities get special treatment and many times, it proves to be true. However, in serious times, it isn’t. Celebrities get treated in the same manner as every other person. Yes, celebrities do get arrested, and yes, they even get arrested for breaking the law just like anyone else. They also have to appear in an arraignment hearing and even stand trial.

  • Singer Chris Brown, was arrested for assaulting his ‘then-girlfriend’, singer Rihanna. His bail was set at $50,000, which he then posted. ‘Chris Brown’ was given 5 years of probation, which he violated, resulting in his probation being revoked. He was then ordered to remain in jail for a month because of his probation violation.
  • Olympian ‘Oscar Pistorious’ was arrested for killing his girlfriend; and his bail was set at $1 million.
  • NFL Athlete Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder in 2012; he was denied bail.

Celebrities do not/will not get faster bail treatment; nor are they allowed cheaper bail than they deserve. Celebrities are served bail just as the judge will serve bail to any other arrestee, and they can choose to pay bail directly, or they can hire a bail agent for a bail bond; which many celebrities do too. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, if you are ever in need of a bail bond, contact Hemet Bail Bond Store immediately!

Get in touch with us online right now for immediate assistance, or just give us a call at 800-793-2245.

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