Paying For A Bail Bond? That’s Not A Problem!


Budgeting money is something you should be doing regularly in order to maintain balance in your life. Whenever you get involved with something new that you have to regularly pay for, you need to re-visit your budgeting schedule and be willing to make any necessary adjustments. So you probably already allocate funds for rent, utilities, groceries, gas, as well as some for personal and leisure spending. The rest of your money should be going into savings.

Now, what would happen to your funds when you decide to provide financial help for a loved one’s bail bond? Bail bond payments should never be missed. They are as important as rent utilities, etc., if not more so; especially considering the fact that they directly relate to someone’s freedom.

    Here are a couple of tips on how to look after your budget:

  • Cook more meals at home and eat out less; when you do eat out, skip appetizers and dessert.
  • Bring lunch to work.
  • Cancel subscriptions you can be without, such as Netflix, magazines, and even a wine club.
  • Cut your shopping sprees.
  • Walk, bike, or take public transportation, to save your gas.
  • Work out outdoors or at home and pause your gym membership.
  • Take one or two less drinks at the bar and happy hour.

There are a number of ways on how you can keep your budget looking good while even having to pay for a bail bond for someone. Plus, with Hemet Bail Bond Store on your side, you’ll get the best price for your bail bond with a customized, low monthly rate payment plan.

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You CAN Afford Bail!


Thinking you cannot afford bail shouldn’t be a reason to give up and accept the fate of a temporary jail sentence. Have you heard of the alternative bail solution of bail bonds? There is no instance of a financial situation that should cause anyone to ever give up on getting out of jail when there is actually an affordable option available.

Hemet Bail Bond Store is a 29 year old bail bond company that serves all of California. This company manages to help individuals in all sorts of situations bail out of jail with the use of commercial bail bonds. For their services, clients are charged between 10-15% of the full bail price that the judge originally set. Plus, this fee is paid with a payment plan, allowing clients to breathe a little more easily. Other companies will charge more for services equal to, or worse than, Hemet Bail Bond Store. Hemet Bail Bond Store bail services are top-notch, and they are rated among the best bail bond companies in the state.

Hemet Bail Bond Store does not give up on anyone! So there is no reason you should ever give up on yourself! Hemet Bail Bond Store is flexible and easy to work with and can get you a free consultation.

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The Approval Process For A Bail Bond


The approval process for a bail bond is simple. The judge is the one who grants or denies bail, but trust that he or she does not make this decision based on personal judgment. There is a bail schedule for every county that outlines the average bail price for each crime. This ranges from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies. This bail schedule is reviewed and modified annually by a number of people in the justice system. So, always consider the prices of the bail schedule as the base price.

    Other factors that may contribute to increasing or lowering bail would be:

  • Whether or not the defendant has a criminal history.
  • Their financial situation.
  • The relationships he or she holds with others in the community.
  • Whether or not the defendant is considered to be a flight risk.

So if a person is granted bail, they may apply for a bail bond from a professional bail bonds company like Hemet Bail Bond Store. They will need to provide collateral, a co-signer, and proof of the ability to make their monthly payments. Much of the information about the bail bonds process is similar to a person applying for a loan – bank information and employment history may also be required.

The defendant is not alone in needing to pay for their bail bond. Hemet Bail Bond Store is always here for our clients. To get more information about the bail bonds process, contact Hemet Bail Bond Store today!

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