If You’re Eligible For Bail, Then Bail!


Not everyone who gets arrested is guilty of the crime they are accused of. It wouldn’t be fair to make them sit in jail for days and weeks during the trial and ongoing investigation. It would literally be robbing and cheating them from outside life they deserve.

That’s why there is bail. Bail is money paid the court to allow a defendant to be released during the time period. Bail can be paid directly to the court or through a bail bond agency. If a defendant wishes to pay bail directly to court, the entire amount must be paid before he or she can be released. As long as they show up on court dates, the full bail money can be refunded.

Bail bonds are used when defendants are unable to cough up the thousands of dollars immediately in one payment. By going through a bail bond agency, the defendant will pay 10-15% of the bail amount to the agency on a payment plan that will extend after the defendant is released. This 10-15% is not refundable, but the defendant will still be required to show up on court dates to avoid the consequence of needing to relinquish the remaining 85-90% of the bail and/ or any collateral that was offered.

Our Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Services team encourages everyone to use their right to bail, no matter what crime they did or did not commit. If a defendant is eligible for bail, take advantage of it. Sitting in jail for what will seem like eternity is not something you want to have to endure if you can avoid it. We’re here to assist with bail bonds and no matter your financial situation, we’ll find a way to help you!

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Have You Ever Considered That Getting Arrested Could Be A Good Thing?


That’s a pretty outlandish thing to hear, is what we bet you’re thinking. What good can come out of my loved one getting arrested? The good will depend on the circumstance.

  • Public safety – maybe the defendant was a dangerous criminal terrorizing the community, or at least unleashing a whole lot of fear
  • Personal “wake up call” – they’ve never experienced a consequence of their actions this serious until now. (This is what we’ll focus on)

When someone is arrested, practically everything and everyone is taken from them for a few hours until they get out of jail. But in these few hours (or days) they realize how important certain things and people are to them. They don’t like suffering with this loneliness now so they’ll do what they can to make up for this temporary loss. They will want to prove to others that they are better than what they have given off in the past. By getting arrested and seeing all they have to lose, they are taking the initiative to improve themselves. This is when you can look at their arrest as a good thing.

They shouldn’t have to go through this upward climb alone. Help them out along the way – it’s going to be a struggle, but it will happen. Contact Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Services to apply for a bail bond to get them out of jail.

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That’s a way you can help out, Big Time!

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You ARE Innocent Until Proven Guilty


No matter what, when you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. The “proven guilty” part occurs in court (or not guilty), which happens of course, after you are arrested. Because of this, you cannot be punished by sitting in jail forever (except under extreme circumstances where the judge will not grant bail).

So, since you will more than likely be allowed to bail out, you are highly encouraged to do so. If you cannot afford to post bail on your own, please contact Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Services. Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Services, like other bail bond agencies, are a third party that steps in to help make the bail process more affordable. Bail bond companies charge clients anywhere between 10-15% of the full bail amount. This percentage is spread out on a payment plan and once that is all set up, the defendant is free to go home. At Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Services, we also uphold the “innocent until proven guilty” component of the justice system so no matter your situation, we will find a way to help you.

If you have more questions about bail and bail bonds. . .

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We’re a 24/7 company so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time, especially if you’re ready to apply for a bail bond.

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Bail First, Then Maybe You May Travel A Bit


When you bail your loved one out of jail in cash or with a bail bond, you need to keep track of his or her court schedule. Making all court appearances is a critical condition of release because otherwise, they will be rearrested and put back into jail. Plus, any remainder of the bail will need to be paid off.

That being said, it is possible for your loved one to travel while out on bail. The judge will need to grant this right based on certain factors like where and when they want to go, what crime they committed, and how dangerous they can be to the public. No matter what, they still need to make every court appointment. Travel plans will have to work around the court plans, not the other way around, no matter how long ago these plans were made.

Knowing this, go ahead and contact your agent at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Services to get a bail bond drawn up for your loved one. You can figure out any travel plans later, but first, just get a bail bond to get them out of jail.

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