What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

What Is Murphy’s Law and Why Should You Care?

Murphy’s Law is something we’re all used to, but might not realize it. Murphy’s Law is the statement, “if anything can go wrong, it will”. The phrase originally came from a man named Edward A. Murphy Jr. He was an aerospace engineer who worked on a how much deceleration a person could withstand in a crash. Murphy would be working on his project and would give advice, or “laws” his assistants would write them down. That is why we now have a phrase about bad luck.

Murphy was a pessimist, and would always be prepared for the worst. Be like Murphy. Be prepared for everything and anything to go wrong and you’ll never be disappointed. It’s best to be prepared anyways that way when things go wrong, you’re not surprised. For example, if you get arrested, be prepared by remembering our name, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles.

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles can be your readiness prep plan for you. We can help you get out of a disastrous situation. Let us be there when Murphy’s Law hits you, and you wind up arrested. Our agents are ready for you 24/7. Don’t let your bad luck get the best of you.

Discounts can make bad luck a little more bearable. Especially when the situation is needing to be bailed out. No one plans on getting arrested and an unplanned expense like bail money can be a real financial burden. Knowing what discounts we have to offer can be extremely helpful when deciding which bail company to go with. At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we offer a 20% discount for military, AARP, union members, and customers who have a private attorney.

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go bad, will go bad. The good news for you is that Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply to us at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We’re prepared for anything and everything. With our experience in the bail bonds world, and our highly trained agents, you will feel confident when you pick us to bail you out.

If you’re ready to turn your luck around just click Chat With Us or call 877-793-2254 now.

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Should you Bail your Buddy Out of Jail

Should you Bail your Buddy Out of Jail

You love your best buddy and have no hesitation about going out of your way to help them whenever they ask, but getting asked to post bail is different from agreeing to help them move. When your best friend calls and asks you to help cover their bail, there are a few things you need to consider before you agree.

Can You Afford it?

When you post cash bail for your buddy, you’ll get all of the money back… eventually. The refund doesn’t happen until your buddy’s case has been resolved. How long it takes to resolve the case depends on if your buddy plans on fighting the charges or pleading guilty right away. If your buddy is determined to prove their innocence and the case goes before a jury, a full year could easily pass before the court returns your money.

Going through a bail bonds company like Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is easier on your budget. We only charge 10% of your buddy’s bail. The catch is that we don’t refund the 10%. Whether you post cash bail or secure a bail bond, you and your buddy need to discuss if they intend to repay you and how long it will take.

As much as you love your buddy, you should never put yourself in a position where helping with their bail makes it impossible for you to pay for your housing or buy groceries. You weren’t the one who got in trouble so you shouldn’t have to put yourself in financial peril.

Do you Trust Your Buddy?

Bail isn’t given freely. It’s a privilege that comes with terms and conditions. The only way the bail system works is if your buddy agrees to uphold the conditions of their bail, which includes attending all of their court appearances. If they fail to do that you will either lose the cash bail or anything you used as collateral when you secured a bail bond.

Only Work with a Reputable Bail Bond Company

If you decide to help secure a bail bond for your buddy, you want to work with a company that understands the bail process, has a solid business reputation, and is willing to work with you. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles for help. We’re a family-owned bail bonds business with decades of experience.

Our services include:

• 24/7 Bail bond service
20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• Free consultations
• No hidden fees
• No collateral required for working signers
• Habla Espanola

We have a reputation for being a friendly, discreet, bail bonds service that has excellent payment plans.

Want to learn more? Simply call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us.

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No Need to Pledge for Collateral to Bail Someone Out

No Need to Pledge for Collateral to Bail Someone Out

Not many people like the idea of needing to pledge something as collateral. Everybody has their things that are theirs, and they want to keep it that way. So, when somebody even slightly threatens to take something of theirs away from them, people tend to get upset. This is definitely the case when someone is required to pledge their house or car as collateral.

While this may sound a bit far-fetched, it is actually a very common scenario when it comes to bail bonds. Bail bonds can be very expensive, and because of this, many companies require their clients to pledge collateral. Often times, the only things of equal value to the bail are homes and cars. These are two very important items to most people. The thought of losing either ones of these things would scare just about anyone.

At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we understand that no one wants to lose their car or house. We understand that no one likes pledging something of theirs as collateral. This is why we do collateral a little differently. Instead of requiring clients to pledge something valuable of theirs as collateral, we only ask for the signature of a working co-signer.

To us, a working co-signer is so much more valuable than a house or a car. A co-signer who has been working at the same job for more than a year, shows dedication and commitment. We know that we can count on that co-signer to make sure that each payment will be made on time.

Needing to pledge collateral is not fun, and it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. This is why we do not require collateral at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. All we need is the signature of a working co-signer.

To learn more about bail bonds and co-signers, check out some of our other articles. To talk to a bail agent for free, simply call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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You’re Human, We get that

You’re Human, We get that

We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. There are all kinds of things that people do and then regret later on, such as spending too much money on items you don’t really need or pulling an all-nighters for fun. Your loved one recently made a big mistake and got arrested. When you make a mistake you are often mortified. The last thing you, or your loved one wants is to be reminded of the embarrassment. You don’t want to be sitting in jail, marinating in your humiliation.

Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles we understand that. Not only do we understand that you’re human and made a mistake, we will make it easier for you to correct it. Discounts can make a not-so-great situation a little more bearable. An unplanned expense like needing bail money can be a real financial burden.

At Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles we offer a 20% discount for Military, AARP, Union Members, and customers who have private attorneys. Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles recognizes the military service that you provide this nation. Active or retired, we appreciate what you have done or are doing. That is why we offer you this discount. This can turn a $5,000 bond into a $4,000 bond.

There are a few things that you can get in order to help the process move along smoothly before you call us. It’s helpful to know the full, correct spelling of your loved one’s name. If you happen to have your loved one’s booking number, an agent will be able to locate him or her in the system faster.

On top of knowing your loved one’s name, it is also very useful to know where they were arrested. Here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we service all of California. There a lot of county jails throughout the state, so knowing where to look is very important. If you don’t know the jail’s name, that’s okay. As long as you know the location or county of where they were arrested.

If you have any questions regarding bail, just call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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Do You Need Affordable Bail Help in Los Angeles?

Do You Need Affordable Bail Help in Los Angeles?

The thought of bailing a friend or family member out of jail scares a lot of people, and it is easy to see why. When someone needs to post bail that means that someone is stuck behind bars. Being stuck in a jail cell is never and is something that nobody wants to experience. That is why so many people hate the idea of one of their loved ones getting arrested. They do not want a person they care about to suffer.

This leads to many people fearing bail, when they really shouldn’t. Bail is a good thing. It helps a person get out of jail before their trial is complete. When a person is out on bail, they will be able to better prepare for their court dates, and go to court in professional looking attire. They will not have to go while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to bail someone out of jail on their own. This is due to the fact that most bail amounts cost several thousands of dollars. That is where most people turn to bail bond companies for help. They do this because a bail bond will only cost 10% of their loved one’s bail.

If you want to get an affordable bail bond in the state of California, alongside professional bail help, contact Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We have been providing Californians with cheap and affordable bail bonds for years. Let us help you in rescuing your friend or family member from jail.

Call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now. You will be glad that you did.

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Traits Reputable Bail Bonds Services Share

Traits Reputable Bail Bonds Services Share

Getting arrested is the worse experience of anyone’s life.

When you’ve been arrested there are several things you want to quickly do. They include:

• Contacting your family and letting them know what happened
• Contacting a lawyer so they can start working on your defense
• Arranging to pay bail

Being unable to cover the full amount of your bail yourself doesn’t mean spending several months in jail while you wait for your case to go to court. Not having the financial ability to cover bail yourself simply means you need to work with a reputable bail bonds service.

When you’re researching local bail bonds companies, there are several traits the reputable ones share.

Various Payment Options

The best local bail bond companies understand that not everyone is on equal financial footing. To ensure that as many people as possible are able to procure bail, reputable bail bonds services will have multiple payment plans in place. They’ll work with you to discover which payment plan is the best fit for your situation.

The list of different payment programs Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles works with include:

• No money down bail bonds
0% Interest payment plans
• No collateral with a working signers

We have created a program that allows some people to take advantage of a 20% discount program. We provide everyone with a flexible payment plan and promise that you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees.


You have very little control over when you’re arrested. It could be during traditional business hours or it could be in the middle of the night. Reputable bail bonds services know that you want to resolve the matter of your bail as quickly as possible and will make sure they have plenty of options available for when you can contact them.

Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is a 24/7 bail bonds service. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you contact us, you’ll be put directly in touch with a live bail bonds expert who will provide you with a free consultation.

Customer Service

Just like with any other business, you can tell a great deal about a bail bonds service based on the level of customer service they offer. When you speak to the company’s representative, you should get the impression they genuinely care about your situation. They should take the time to answer all your questions and to talk you through the bail bonds process.

If you speak to a bail bonds service and you don’t get the impression that they are interested in you, it’s a sign that you should contact someone else.

Do you need help covering your bail? Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is ready and willing to help. We’re a family-owned bail bonds service that has a long history of providing top-notch customer service to every single one of our clients.

We operate quickly and discreetly.

If you need help covering your bail, it’s in your best interest to contact us for a free consultation. We’ve created two easy ways to connect with us. You can call 877-793-2254. You’re also free to click the Chat With Us.

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What Can Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles Do For You?

What Can Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles Do For You?

Everyone has those people in their life that they would do anything for. If one of these people needs help moving, or just someone to vent to, you will be there. They know this, and that is why they called you to ask for help getting out of jail. You’ve never dealt with bail before, but you aren’t about to let that stop you.

Luckily for you, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is here to help. We are a statewide bail bonds company that has helped Californians deal with bail for over 30 years. We are always there for our clients no matter the time or place. We have offices located all over the state. In the areas where we don’t have offices, we have roaming agents who can lend a hand.

Whenever a client needs help, we will be there for them. We have bail agents available to talk and answer questions all day, every day. They provide free consultations 24/7 and will gladly walk all of their clients through each step of the bail process.

On top of simply being there for our clients, we provide them with an affordable option for rescuing their loved one from jail. All of our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This means that our clients earn themselves a 90% discount on the cost of bailing someone out of jail just by coming to us for help.

Some of the other benefits we provide for our clients include:

• 20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral with working signer
• Se habla Español

Just like you are always there for your loved ones, Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is always there for our clients. If you come to us for help, you can count on getting some of the best help available in the state. Our agents will take care of you and help you get through this. All you have to do is talk to one of them.

Call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now for a free consultation at any time.

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Why Can Bail Be Denied

Why Can Bail Be Denied

A lot of people assume that whenever a person is arrested, they are given a bail amount. As long as the person pays the bail, they will be released from jail. However, this isn’t always the case. A person isn’t always guaranteed to be granted bail. There are several different reasons why a person could be denied bail and forced to spend their trial period behind bars.

To understand why a person can be denied bail, you need to understand what is expected of people who are out on bail. When someone is granted bail, they are expected to be on their best behavior and to return to court for all of their appointments. If they fail to do this then their bail is forfeit and they will be rearrested.

So, when a judge or law enforcement are looking at a person and deciding if they will be granted bail, they look at the following:

What crime the person was arrested for. Some crimes are too violent to warrant releasing an individual. Take for instance the crime of murder. If someone is arrested for that crime, most people in the community wouldn’t feel safe if the person was released.
The person’s criminal record. If a person has committed a lot of crimes in the past, there is a higher chance that they will commit more crimes when released. This means releasing them from jail would only cause more problems.
The likelihood of the person running away if released. People are more likely to stick around and show up to court if they have things that tie them to the area, such as a home, a job, or a family. If a person doesn’t have those things close by, then they are more likely to run away if released from jail.

If it is determined that a person is too dangerous to be released on bail, or the person is likely to flee, then they will be denied bail. They will be stuck in jail for the remainder of their trial.

If a person is granted bail, and you want help them with posting it, just contact the professionals here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide their help to any Californian that needs it.

Are you ready to bail someone out of jail? If so, call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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