When You Need A Bail Agent, Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store

People tend to believe that unlike other drug dealers, they won’t get busted, or they won’t get into an accident while driving under the influence. People believe they will not get caught and nothing bad will happen to them like it does to others. However the reality is that there is no absolute certainty of this “luck.” Whether you get caught for knowingly doing something illegal or by making an honest mistake, you may someday need a bail bond agent and we encourage you to choose Santa Ana Bail Bond Store.

Some situations you might find yourself needing to post bail include driving or traffic-related charges, sexual harassment, neglecting to pay bills, and much more. At Santa Ana Bail Bond Store, we do not question or judge your integrity or what you are being charged for. We perform our duties respectfully and professionally – our goal is to front your bail in the form of a bond on your behalf so that you can be released from jail until you must meet again in court.

We do not encourage illegal activity and we strongly advise all to truly evaluate the people you surround yourself with, the activities you engage in, and your overall way and quality of life. We want all to be successful, happy, and safe. We do not wish any danger or arrest on any of you but we do wish for you to understand that jail time and having to forfeit bail money is not pleasant and not something to test.

However you can certainly count of us if you do ever need our services. Connect with us online at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store or call 714-973-2245. Not everyone will be lucky but we can help ease some of the stress.

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You Can Request To Have Your Bail Reduced!

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects arrested individuals against excessive bail. This means that their bail amount cannot be astronomically expensive to the point they have no means of meeting it. Though bail is costly and determined based on factors like criminal history and severity of the crime, the amount set must still be within the realm of the state’s bail schedule. The police initially set bail, but the court may adjust it accordingly.

You can challenge the court and request a review and reduction of bail. This is your chance to argue bail is too high even though you are not a flight risk or danger to the community). Court may not necessarily grant your request, but it will not raise it for your mere act of requesting a reduction.

If you need help in posting bail, you can always seek the assistance of a professional bail bond company like Santa Ana Bail Bond Store. An agent will pledge the full bail amount while you only pay 10% of it. As long as you are in court when the judge asks you to be there, you will not need to pay any more.

Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store at 714-973-2245 to get some of your questions answered and to learn more about how we can help you. You may also visit our website for more information.

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Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Strive to Makes Bail Easy

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store

You get a dreaded call, one you never thought you’d get from a loved one. They are in jail and need you to help bail them out. You hang up the phone and are overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, amid your stress and confusion. You’ve got a lot of questions and don’t know where to start seeking answers.

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store is here to help you out and ease your mind. We are one of California’s best bail bond companies. What we do is help people in your situation post bail so they or a loved one do not have to await their hearing in jail.

  1. Let us know who you need to bail out, their birthday if you know it, and where they are being held. We will contact that location and gather the rest of the information we need.
  2. Tell us your financial situation and we will work around it to formulate a customized payment plan with low monthly rates.
  3. Review and sign paperwork so you understand what you are paying and the steps you need to take to ensure the bond is accepted (ie making sure the arrested individual appears in court when ordered).
  4. Our agents will send paperwork to the location your loved one is at. The paperwork will be processed there and your loved one will be released.

It’s really as simple as that but once we start discussing your situation we’re sure you’ll have more questions so do not hesitate to ask! We are a team of experienced and professional bail agents; we are on your side and want to make sure you fully understand the process so you and your loved one are reunited as soon as possible.

Learn more about our company and our successes by visiting our website, or you can start your claim by giving us a call at 714-973-2245.

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