Determining if You’re Dealing with a Stalker

Determining if You’re Dealing with a Stalker

Many of us assume that stalkers are something that only celebrities have to worry about, but that simply isn’t true. Every single day, there are reports of ordinary people being bullied, harassed, scared, and even killed by stalkers. According to Oxygen, 7.5 million Americans struggle to deal with a stalker each year. In 75% of those cases, women are the victims. The Bureau of Justice reports that in most cases, victims have a connection to their stalker, though the strength of that connection can vary from casual acquaintances, to former lovers, to blood relations.

Stalkers can pose a serious threat, which is why you want to alert the authorities and get the law involved as quickly as possible. The problem is knowing when someone is moving past the point of being irritating and start becoming a stalker and safety concern.

You Start Routinely Seeing/Encountering the Person in Random Places

Everyone has stories about how they constantly run into a person in random places. In many of these situations, the meeting is simply the result of two people who move in similar social circles and have similar routines. 

However, if you constantly see the same person everywhere you go, such as the school when you pick up your kids, at the post office, in the same section of the grocery store, and when you’re walking your dog, it’s time to start paying careful attention to the person. If they appear to be watching you, or the encounters are happening multiple times a day or even a week, the repeated run-ins become a red flag that indicates the person is starting to stalk you.

Extreme Gift Giving

Getting the occasional bouquet of wildflowers is a sweet gesture. Getting constant gifts, particularly from someone you’re not in a committed relationship with is a stalking red flag. This becomes even more true when the gifts are delivered anonymously or when they come from a person you don’t have a strong connection to. 

If possible, try to block the delivery of the package. If that’s no possible, try backtracking the shipment so that you can learn the identity of the person who is giving the gifts.

While you can’t really go to the police and tell them that you’re getting unwanted gifts, you can and should alert trusted friends and family members to the situation.

They’re Possessive or Extremely Nosey

It’s common knowledge that when your romantic interest starts to demand detailed information about where you were, who you saw, and what you did, it’s a sign that they’re going to be a problem and that it’s time to end the relationship.

The same is true when if a co-worker, friend, or even a family member starts doing the same thing. When the questions start to feel intrusive and inappropriate, it’s time to start putting some distance between yourself and the other person. Make it clear that you have boundaries that must be respected.

They’ve Become Entwined with your Online Life

Most of us have social media accounts that we routinely update. Most of our virtual interactions are harmless, but they can provide a stalker with another avenue that they’ll use to manipulate and spook you. 

Signs that you’re being stalked online include:

• The same person not only follows all of your social media accounts, but they constantly leave comments on every post you make and these comments start to become manipulative or intimidating.
• They frequently send you unsolicited emails and private messages
• The conversations become increasingly intense
• The person shows no interest in respecting your boundaries

Your instincts will usually provide you with the best indicator that someone’s behavior is passing normal parameters and is starting to exhibit stalker-like tendencies. If you sense that someone is a potential threat to your physical and mental safety, it’s time to contact the authorities.

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Friends, Family, and Contra Costa Bail Bond Store = A Combination for Success

 Contra Costa Bail Bond Store

No doubt, the best people to confide in when you are in a dark place are your parents, followed by your best friends. Going through a rough patch in life is so much harder if you go at it alone. When you have your supportive loved ones with you, overcoming the situation is a lot easier.

Dark secrets can be tough to share, like getting arrested. It is embarrassing to say the least. How will others react? Expect some anger, but expect more comfort and support afterwards. It is worth the initial embarrassment and uneasy conversation. Now more than ever, you will want them there for you, even if it is just emotionally.

Financially, lean on Contra Costa Bail Bond Store for the greater part of that. We will provide you with a bail bond that costs 90% less than your full bail amount. Plus, you will get a custom payment plan catered to your needs, or the needs of those who will be responsible for your bail bond payments.

Friends and family are friends and family for a reason. We are Contra Costa Bail Bond Store for a reason. Together, we will help you, or a loved one, post bail quickly and affordably.

Learn more about our services by Chatting With Us online or by calling 877-793-2245.

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Bring Your Loved One Home with California Bail Bond Store

The saying, “there is no place like home” carries such a true meaning. Home is where a person’s loved ones are. It is where a person feels most comfortable, where a person is most motivated.

Jail is a stark opposite of this image. Jail is where a person is lonely and scared. It is where the walls are dull and the furniture is uncomfortable. Nobody wants their loved one to stay in jail. The sooner their loved one can come home, the better.

California Bail Bond Store is very capable of helping you bring your loved one home quicker than ever. We work faster and smarter than other bail bond companies and we do not cut corners. You will be right by our side each step of the way, fully aware of what is going on. We will see to it that your loved one does not have to be in jail any longer than necessary. We have successfully bailed out thousands of people in our nearly 30 years of professional industry experience. You will be another one, but to us you will not be a statistic. We truly care for each and every one of our clients’ well-being and we will take care of you and your loved one. See for yourself exactly what we can do for you.

Please Chat With Us or call now at 877-793-2245. We will not let you down.

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Summer Fun – From Pause to Play

Thanks to California Bail Bond Store, thousands of Californians will have the summer they planned on having this year. They will be enjoying barbecues, beach trips, hiking excursions, and time spent with their loved ones. If it were not for us, some people would miss all the fun, and the rest of the gang would feel a little bit empty.

California Bail Bond Store has successfully bailed out many defendants from jail. These defendants may still be in the middle of their trials, but at least they are not returning to jail every time court is excused. They can return to their families at home each day. This means they can attend those fun summer activities. Families are whole and get the opportunities to create wonderful memories, despite one arrest incident that they need to take care of every now and then. Since the defendant bailed out of jail, the arrest incident, while still a very important and serious priority, is not a lingering grey cloud in the sky.

California Bail Bond Store can make sure that you too have the fun summer you have been anticipating. Do not panic if you, or a loved one, gets arrested. California Bail Bond Store is here to help you just like our past clients. Your summer fun does not have to be on pause; contact California Bail Bond Store and we will help you press play right away.

If you have questions about bail bonds, would like a free consultation, or are ready to begin the bail bond process for your loved one, please Chat With Us online or call 877-793-2245.

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California Bail Bond Store Is the Solution to Your Family Problems

When one person in the family is arrested, there is bound to be more drama to follow. It is such a tense and sensitive situation and every person in the family may have a different approach and reaction to handling the situation. How do we bring them home? Who can we hire as a lawyer? Do I need to take time off work? How can we afford all of this? How will this affect our reputation and relationships with people?

To answer the first question and ease your mind on that part, we at California Bail Bond Store are the solution. It is likely that your loved one is offered bail, meaning paying an amount of money to be released from jail. This can be by a cash bond, paying 100% of the bail amount directly to the court, or hiring a professional bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will issue a bail bond, which costs only 10% of the full bail amount, and paid over a period of time. The 10% is not refundable, but even then, most people find using a bail bondsman rather than cash bail is more affordable and ideal.

California Bail Bond Store can help you bail your loved one out of jail quickly, returning them home to you where they belong. You will be there to welcome them home, to offer your love and support, and to be ready to work together to plan ahead for the next steps. With the bail bond process out of the way with our help, you will be much more unified and focused.

Contact California Bail Bond Store today online or at 877-793-2245 for a free consultation.

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Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond – Which Is Better for You Financially

Between cash bail and bail bonds, there is not necessarily a better way to bail out of jail. They both produce the same outcome. However, deciding between the two is mostly dependent on your financial circumstances.

People who use cash bail have to pay the entire bail amount first, then the defendant can get out of jail. For bail bonds, the cost is only 10% of the full bail amount and that price is paid over a set period of time that extends beyond the defendant’s release from jail. Once the bail bond paperwork is finalized and processed, the defendant is out of jail and the payments will continue to move along as scheduled. There is no payment plan for cash bail.

Let us be clear again, one is not a more respected way of bailing out of jail than the other. Though bail bonds are less of a financial strain, even celebrities and millionaires will prefer them. It has nothing to do with social class, only which option better fits your financial situation.

To learn more about the differences between bail bonds and cash bonds, or to get a free consultation for a bail bond, feel free to contact California’s most sought-after bail bonds company, California Bail Bond Store.

We have licensed bail agents available 24/7, both online and at 877-793-2245.

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The Price of Collateral

Many bail bonds will require collateral in order to be authenticated. Collateral is typically property, vehicles, and valuables that a person pledges to the bail bond company. The bail bonds company uses collateral as insurance.

You see, the big thing about bail bonds over cash bonds is that a bail bond costs 90% less than cash bonds. The defendant will need to show up for court in both cases, but for bail bonds, the collateral acts as a big incentive for the defendant to honor this agreement. If the defendant fails at showing up for court, the bail bonds company can, and will, claim the collateral from the original owner. The original owner loses whatever property, vehicles, and/ or valuables they pledged. Knowing they have loved ones putting so much at stake for them is the incentive for the defendant to go to court. Otherwise, the loss of collateral is at the fault of the defendant.

To find out what collateral is accepted, and to get all your other bail bonds related questions answered. We urge you to contact a professional from California Bail Bond Store now online or at 877-793-2245.

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We Step In To Save Your Family

California Bail Bond Store is a professional and reputable bail bonds company in California. This bail bond company is truly special. With a core foundation of family values, and a deep understanding of what it means to offer an excellent customer experience, California Bail Bond Store is the bail bonds company you want helping you. Each and every employee truly cares about on another, this company, and most importantly, their clients. We treat all clients as one of our own because we would want that same feeling if we were in your shoes. Let us help you because we want to. We will get your family back together in no time.

“John went above and beyond to assist my family, to help us understand this process and made it as smooth as possible… Thanks John for all you do!!! You ROCK!!!!” – Jenny B. of Fullerton, CA.

“A simple review isn’t enough to thank them for the services they provided in assisting me to get my fiancé back into society. Very patient and attentive to details. Staff was courteous and swift with processing paperwork, etc. Thank you so much!” – Shante Y. of Orange County, CA.

California Bail Bond Store saved the day for my son and I. I am most grateful for the kind and professional service. As a dad, I can’t thank him enough.” – S.G. of Los Angeles, CA.

California Bail Bond Store, thank you for your professionalism and working with my family to get me out of custody. Even though I hope to never experience this again, I would definitely recommend you to anyone that I know that has been arrested.” – Diana V. of Apple Valley, CA.

Family is everything to us and to you. If there is ever a moment where California Bail Bond Store can help step in and save your family’s relationships, we will.

Contact us for a free consultation, our bail agents will answer any questions and can get the paperwork started. We can be reached 24/7 online or at 877-793-2245.

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California Bail Bond Store Is a Second Chance for You

When something bad happens, our natural thought is that “this is it. This is the end.” That you, figuratively, are not going to survive this, whatever it was. You thought that in middle school when you were caught cheating on a test, you thought that in high school when you were caught drinking, and you are thinking that now as a very close friend of yours is arrested. You are thinking that getting out of this mess is going to be difficult, and it will be. Your friend is thinking something similar, except you probably have a little more hope than he or she does since you are not the one in jail right now.

He or she is lucky to have you as a friend, and California Bail Bond Store as an ally. Since you will stop at nothing to do all that you can to help him or her sort this out, you know that there is some hope. That is what California Bail Bond Store is here for. We offer affordable bail bonds with a flexible payment plan. These bail bonds give arrested individuals a second chance at free life. Bail bonds release the defendant from jail, and the defendant can then return home to loved ones. He or she can return to work, and can find some enjoyment again in his or her daily life.

We desperately want to help you help your friend get out of jail. Please see us, California Bail Bond Store, immediately when you know you are in need of a bail bond for yourself or your loved one. We can be reached online or at 877-793-2245. We will not let you down.

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California Bail Bond Store Will Save Your Loved One

Some people think that those who are arrested do not need saving, that they are right where they should be. After all, they were arrested for doing something bad. By having these people arrested and in jail, the public is safe.

However, this is not how it always is. Not every arrestee is a dangerous, violent criminal. Not every arrestee is responsible for their own arrest, maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not every arrestee deserves to sit in jail as they wait for the outcome of their trial. That is just not fair.

We understand that if you are not in any way involved with a crime, you just hear about them on the news, then you probably do think that whoever the police arrested should be in jail. However, if you have a loved one in jail, you will see the situation as we do, and want your loved one out of jail immediately.

Our team here at California Bail Bond Store can help you with that. All you need to do is contact a team member online or at 877-793-2245 and be ready with the name of your loved one who is in jail, where they are being held, and what their bail amount is.

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