Fullerton Bail Bond Store| Sometimes, the child needs to become the parent to encourage change.

Fullerton Bail Bond Store

It can be tough having to face a harsher reality than one ever imagined. Avoiding a situation, a confrontation, or a regretful acceptance can be painful and undesired but if it is necessary, it’s better to do it with a heavy heart than not do it at all, especially if it means saving someone’s life. What we’re talking about here is when the children have to become the more authoritative figure in their parents’ life.

Sometimes the best thing a child (whether they are a youth or an adult now) can do for their parents is stand up to them if the parent is troubled or always getting into trouble. Substance abuse. Violence. Not paying off debt. One mishap turns into another and another and soon enough the hole has been dug too deep for them to get out of on their own. This is when the children step in and become the adult to help where they can without risking their own lives at the same time. Maybe it’s a good idea to turn them in to authorities, but it’s also okay to help bail them out as well until the court hearing. It’s like teaching them a lesson but still being “on their side.”

This is a huge burden for anyone to take on which is why Fullerton Bail Bond Store is here to help. We’ll help relieve some stress. We know that taking responsibility for the well-being of another human can be very emotional and heavy, especially in heartFullertonking situations. We can work quickly to devise a payment plan and get them bailed out as soon as possible. There might still be a lot of “teaching” from this point on but we hope with our help, even if for only a day, change will be for the better. Sometimes it takes the child for a parent to realize they need to turn their life around.

The number for Fullerton Bail Bond Store is 714-973-2245. Call us anytime so the family relationship can start building again!

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Fullerton Bail Bond Store| An employer asking for your criminal record does not automatically mean you are in trouble! Here is how you should handle the situation

Fullerton Bail Bond Store

Criminals “pay” for their punishment by serving out a sentence, whether it’s jail time, community service, and/ or more. But as much as you’d think punishment ends when you are released, it doesn’t! Not only do you leave with emotional strain, but you leave also with a mark on your permanent record that can and will be dug up every now and then.

Employers can request a background of your criminal record and if so, you must oblige and provide the information. If they do not, you are not required to disclose that information. Unfortunately for you, employers can decide not to hire you if they consider you a threat to the workplace.

If the employer asks for your criminal record, do not lose hope! Just because they ask for it does not mean they are already turning you down or firing you. Be honest with them regarding your record – honesty really goes a long way, especially in a sensitive matter like this. Express regret and remorse and explain what you have learned from the situation. Then fight for yourself – provide solid references from previous employers who may back you up too. It is most important to show and prove you are not that criminal. Don’t give up on yourself again!

If you ever find yourself in a bad situation, sitting in jail, in need of bail assistance, California’s Fullerton Bail Bond Store can help you out. Our toll-free number is 714-973-2245. Lines are open 24/7 so call us anytime!

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Fullerton Bail Bond Store| A parent’s #1 job is to be the best role model for their child

Fullerton Bail Bond Store

Children grow up admiring their parents as the perfect people they want to embody when they are older. That is the human life cycle – to nurture children and teach them how to be well-rounded when they become adults. That’s why for parents, their number 1 job is to be the best role model they can be for their child. Parenting is very hard but it’s important to not give children any reason to doubt otherwise.

We’ve seen arrestees return to a broken home where their child is saddened and disappointed by them. We’ve seen youth act out because of anger against their mom or dad who has failed them. We’ve seen loving relationships crumble where children lose love and respect for their parent who made a mistake. It sounds awful enough, but to actually experience it is unimaginably worse.

We know all of you Fullertonly love and adore your children or future children. A happy, loving family is what you want so it’s up to you to make sure that happens. We do not want to be an obstacle in your dream, but in case you ever do need our assistance, we will help you out and get your right back on track to growing your family. Visit us online at ocbailnow.com or call us at 714-973-2245 to speak with a licensed bail agent. We’ll get your case settled as quickly and quietly as possible.

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Fullerton Bail Bond Store| Your tax return can help pay off bail!

Fullerton Bail Bond Store

Still need funds or collateral to pay for bail? Spring is approaching, meaning tax refunds will be flowing in! You can use this extra money to help pay for bail! While not the most ideal use of this money, it will certainly help ease the situation and stress.

You already know bail is expensive to pay, even if it is an amount significantly less than bail amounts for more severe crimes). Having to re-configure numbers and finances puts people in hair pulling, teeth grinding positions of stress. What can my family and I get by with? What can we give up? How will this change affect our needs? We hope it will not be too big of a burden for you, which is why any thing you can pull strings with will help, including using that tax return you will be receiving. Trust us when we say that in this short period of tension, you will see a greater outcome that will last a lifetime – your loved one’s lifetime.

Your agent at Fullerton Bail Bond Store is always here to help you sort through your economic needs. If you are not comfortable with a payment plan and schedule, we will start over to develop something you are comfortable with. Give us a dial whenever you need to talk, even if it’s 4 AM in the morning (if that’s your best thinking hour, your most calm and collected hour, why not??). Our number is 714-973-2245.

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Fullerton Bail Bond Store| Can I use my tax return for bail?

Fullerton Bail Bond Store

The answer is yes! Whether your tax refund is a small amount or a lovely sum, you may use some or all of it to help bail your loved one out of jail. We know you’d rather spend or save this money for something else, and we know you’d rather not have to be bailing someone out of jail. But it’s best to pay the bail on time as quickly as you can so your loved one can come home.

Speak with a professional agent at Fullerton Bail Bond Store. Besides your tax return, there are other options for paying bail. You can pull from various assets so you maintain a comfortable balance. You will work with your agent to come up with the best solution that fits your needs and finances. The number to call is 714-973-2245. You can also go to ocbailnow.com and chat with someone of the Internet. Do not worry – we promise to take your situation seriously. We really want to help you out, and help your loved one out. We will make sure you are comfortable with our work before proceeding to each next step.

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Orange County May Lose Millions for Jailing Illegal Immigrants


President Barack Obama’s plan to redirect federal funds to the southwest border could mean Orange County stands to lose nearly $6.5 million in funds to house illegal immigrants with criminal convictions – while the state could lose $110 million.

Local and state officials have joined members of Congress who are up in arms about Obama’s announcement last week to kill a program that has provided about half a billion dollars in federal funds to states and local municipalities for the incarceration of illegal immigrants with criminal records.

“We expect that we are going to have to fight a battle that we are too familiar with fighting,” said H.D. Palmer, spokesman for the state’s Department of Finance.

About $400 million will still go to communities in fiscal year 2009 for the jailing of illegal immigrants who have been convicted of at least one felony or two misdemeanors. However, the $950 million authorized for fiscal year 2010 was scrapped by Obama’s budget.

In Orange County, the latest proposal is just one more bit of bad news for officials at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, which is already in dire economic straits.

“The department is facing a mountain of economic challenges in the upcoming fiscal year and we would hope that Congress would see to it that we wouldn’t have to add another $6 million to that challenge,” department spokesman John McDonald said.

The department booked 12,515 inmates in 2008 who qualified under the program guidelines. That’s about 19 percent of the estimated 65,000 inmates booked each year at county jails.

The money funds deputies’ salaries, food for the inmates and other costs associated with the holding of these particular inmates, McDonald said.

“We’ve made a lot of budget cuts already. For instance, we closed the tents at the Musick facility,” he said about the closure of the 360-bed unit at the James Musick jail in February. Sheriff’s officials estimated that the closure would save them $1.2 million a year.

The federal money also pays for about 11 cents on the dollar in the cost of housing illegal immigrants with Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds, California Department of Corrections spokesman Seth Unger said.

As of March, California prisons held 22,063 inmates with confirmed or potential immigration holds. That’s about 13 percent of the 168,000 total inmate population, Unger added.

It’s an issue that transcends party affiliations, with Congress members Loretta Sanchez, D-Garden Grove, and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, both condemning the move.

“Eliminating this funding will greatly undermine the efforts of our law enforcement officials in combating these criminals,” Sanchez said in a written statement. “As long as state law enforcement officials are doing the work to secure our borders and protect local communities, they must receive appropriate compensation.”

U.S. Department of Justice officials contend the program doesn’t help community officials address crime.

“The (program) provides a partial subsidy for the cost of incarceration in state prisons and county jails of illegal aliens who already have committed crimes, but does not help states and communities combat crime,” Department of Justice spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in a written statement. “Instead, the budget provides $2 billion in DOJ resources to help curtail illegal immigration and combat the violence associated with trans-border gangs and illicit gun and drug trafficking.”

Source: ocregister.com

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