The Difference Between Expungement And Sealing Records


It kind of sucks when you are trying to apply for a new job or find a home to rent and you have to admit to having a not so pretty criminal record, huh? Is there a way to seal these records or better yet, erase them altogether? Yes, but of course, under certain circumstances.

Sealing a criminal record means most people like employers or landlords cannot gain access to like they otherwise normally are able to during a background check. Those wanting to get hold of your record would need a warrant.

Expunging a criminal record is essentially clearing the information completely, and it would be as if the events never happened. You will now legally be allowed to deny your involvement in the erased crimes.

You likely would not be able to choose if you can seal or expunge your record, though you can check your eligibility. Some offenses may be sealed but not expunged. Hopefully you never have go through this for yourself, but it is nice knowing that there are still options for those with criminal records to advance in their future and move on from events that may be weighing them down.

Of course, sealing records and expunging records comes much later but Santa Ana Bail Bond Store is available to assist you in the early stages of legal issues: bailing you out of jail. If you need us for yourself or someone you love, we absolutely will not let you down. Just chat with us online or call us at 714-973-2245.

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Tips For Getting A Low Bail Amount


While it is very uncommon for a judge to re-evaluate and lower a person’s bail upon his or her request, there are chances of having the amount set lower than it could be in another situation. Bail is determined by the arrested person’s past criminal history and the severity of the crime. Here are some ways to ensure you are given the lowest bail possible:

  • Zero Past Criminal History – make sure your judge knows this is your first offense ever. And do not lie because they will check. You need to stress your disappointment and regret, knowing that what you did was a mistake.
  • Family and Community Ties – gather as many loving and trusted family, friends, and community members as you can who live in the city you were arrested in. The more who can vouch for you and look after you, the better. Generally, people with strong ties are less likely to take off after posting bail.

Bail is still going to be expensive, regardless of how low it may be. So, if you need help meeting that demand so you can be freed until trial, do not hesitate to contact Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and they will always manage to find a way to help any and every client.

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