Cyberbullying, And How It Relates To Riverside County Bail Bond Store


Cyberbullying (intentionally posting personal information of and/ or harassing another person by electronic communication like texts, emails, and social media with the intent of causing fear) seems like a rather harmless crime, but in California, it’s taken very seriously. Cyberbullying has led victims to harm themselves, commit suicide, or act out and even harm others.

Subject to a fine of up to $1,000, and a jail sentence of up to 1 year, cyberbullying is a misdemeanor conviction. It happens most among young people but it can and does happen among adults too.

School educators and administrators are trained to look out for signs of cyberbullying. There is a procedure they must follow when a cyberbullying case is identified and reported.

As mentioned, bullying cases can lead to more serious crimes, and that’s when Riverside County Bail Bond Store might be of help to you. In case you or someone you care about is arrested, Riverside County Bail Bond Store will provide a low-cost bail bond to get you or them out of jail temporarily until the trial. Bailing out of jail is ideal, compared to having to stay in jail for an unknown period of time.

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Expunging Vs. Sealing A Criminal Record


Having a criminal record can be haunting, especially for a person who is generally good and honest. We know that employers and banks are able to access arrest and conviction records during criminal background checks. Is it possible to have any information on a criminal record sealed, so that in the future, it won’t show up during a criminal background check? After all, it was years ago, a minor issue, and that person has been on very good behavior.

Well, it is possible, and there are two ways for you to do this; expunging or sealing the record:

  1. Sealing a record means that it can no longer be accessed by normal means. So employers, for example, who are running a background check on you, will not see any records that have been sealed. The records still exist, but they require a court order in order for them to be seen again.
  2. Expunging a record is making it as if the offense never happened. The record is removed or destroyed so even by a court order, the record will not be revealed.

Obviously, expunging a record is more preferable to sealing it if possible, but in both situations, they are both beneficial to the individual. Of course, neither of this occurs until much later than the actual conviction at the end of trial.

If you need a bail bond to get you out of jail before and during trial, then by all means, contact Riverside County Bail Bond Store immediately!

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