Copyright Infringement Makes its Case with Deadpool

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The statute of limitations for copyright infringement is three years. Copyright infringement is the illegal copying, publishing, and distributing of creative works that belong to other people, groups, or companies. Creative works can be computer software programs, video games, books, films, music, and more. Copyrights can be transferred or sold to another individual, in which case the new individual could then reproduce and distribute copies.

Statute of limitations is the time frame in which the prosecutor can charge the accused with the crime in question. The statute of limitations begins when the infringement is discovered to have occurred and if that time frame expires, then the accused cannot be charged. In this case, after 3 years, prosecutors cannot charge a person for their copyright infringement case.

21-year-old Trevon Franklin was not so lucky. Last year, Franklin had obtained a copy of the superhero action movie, Deadpool. He posted it on his Facebook account 8 days after the film was released, where over 5 million people viewed the film free of charge. He also made copies and distributed them out to the public. The estimated value of that was $2,500.

Having the film posted on his Facebook account made it easier for the FBI to track him down, which they did so pretty quickly after he had posted the film. However, it was not until earlier this month that he was arrested and charged with copyright infringement – well within the statute of limitations for copyright infringement. If he is convicted, Franklin can spend up to 3 years in prison.

Not only is this a reason to not commit copyright infringement, it is also a reason to thoroughly consider the content a person posts online. There is no telling who looks at a person’s content. In addition, social media companies are constantly scanning through the content to weed out red flags. In the effort to try and earn money by distributing copyrighted works, Franklin now risks losing even more than what he would have earned.

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It is not every day that you break a law,” you think to yourself. Little do you know that statement might actually be false. It could very well be that you are breaking some law everyday and you do not even realize it. It is not just you, a lot of people are breaking a handful of laws everyday without even knowing.

Here are some of those laws:

  • Letting someone else use your Netflix account.

    Last year, it was made officially illegal to share your password to streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Before it became a law, everyone knew that technically sharing your account with any number of friends or family is wrong. You can have 5 friends use your account yet you are only paying the low rate. Now it is officially illegal to share your password; did you know that?

  • Connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi

    Have you ever sat nearby a coffee shop and connected to their Wi-Fi because they do not have it password protected? Have you ever done this and not ordered anything from the store? Well, this is illegal, and if you are caught and charged, you can be put into jail. Wait until you get home to check your social media feed.

  • Giving a fake name on the Internet

    Have you ever signed up for newsletters, deals, and subscriptions but did not provide your real or full name? Well, providing a fake name on the Internet is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

  • Singing “Happy Birthday”

    It is not a birthday unless someone sings the Happy Birthday song. Is it still a party when the police show up? Technically, the Happy Birthday song is copyrighted, meaning that anyone who sings it in public is violating the law. At least that was the law until a few years ago, when a U.S. District Judge decided that was not the case and declared it public domain for all.

If you are worrying now because you have broken these laws countless times, and you think you can no longer sing anyone “Happy Birthday,” do not panic. You are not the only one. Besides, how many times have you gotten away with singing Happy Birthday, now?

If you find yourself actually getting arrested for violating one of these laws, or any other law, do not worry. Downtown Bail Bond Store is here to bail you out of jail.

We can be reached 24/7 both online and at 877-793-2245.

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