What Can You Offer For Collateral?


In order to complete a bail bond application, collateral is required. Collateral is pledged as security for payment. If the original payment or agreement is broken, than the collateral is forfeited from the owner to the person it is then owed to. The most common forms of collateral are real estate, vehicles, electronics, and valuables.

  • Real Estate
  • In order for real estate to qualify as collateral, it must be property that has been either 100% paid off, or the majority of it is paid off. The owner must have majority or all ownership of the property and not have much mortgage to owe still.

  • Vehicles
  • Likewise with real estate, vehicles for collateral must be completely paid off; there must not be any more outstanding car payments to pay first. For example: cars, boats, RVs. ATVs- most vehicles that are worth a lot of money.

  • Electronics
  • Electronics like televisions, video game systems, and computers can be worth a lot of money. They’re easily pawned off for cash, and are easily acceptable for a bail bond collateral.

  • Valuables
  • Firearms, jewelry, and even machines like a great washing machine or dishwasher or stove are also common collateral items. If it’s worth a lot of money, it’s great as collateral.

Remember, in order to not lose your collateral, you need to make sure the defendant goes to court when he or she is asked. You need to make sure bail bond payments are made on time.

If you have any questions regarding bail, bail bonds, and the collateral, please feel free to contact Colton Bail Bond Store today. We absolutely will not let you down!

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Your Signature Can Be Your Collateral When You Use Tarzana Bail Bond Store To Rescue a Loved One


When it comes to making payments, a lot of bail bonds companies will want collateral, in case their clients stops paying. The collateral can be anything from a car to a house, it all depends on the value of the object and the price of the bail bond. If you fail to pay the bail, the company keeps whatever you put up as collateral.

At Tarzana Bail Bond Store, you do not need collateral when you have a working co-signer. When we have someone who is willing to sign and is working, we trust that our clients will pay for the bond. After all, we are here to help you by making things easier, we do not want to make things more difficult.

We will work with you to create a personalized payment plan, one that you can truly afford. We will break up the large cost of the bond into smaller, more manageable, monthly payments. Unlike our competitors, who just want to make more money off of you, we will never surprise you with hidden fees.

All consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to contact Tarzana Bail Bond Store today!

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We have offices and bail agents located all over California, with most offices near the local jail or courthouse. Our professional bail bondsmen can bail your friend or family member out of any jail or courthouse in the state. You can count on one of our bail agents to be there when you need them most.

At Tarzana Bail Bond Store, we strive to provide all of our clients with the best possible bail service. We do not want to add to your stress by forcing you to put something of yours up as collateral. This makes bail easier for you, which makes your experience with us a more pleasant one.

Do not wait until a loved one has been arrested, contact Tarzana Bail Bond Store right now!

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Get High Quality, Professional Bail Bond Store Help from North Hollywood Bail Bond Store


When you need to bail a loved one out of jail, you need more than just professional help, you want hope. You want to know that you will see your friend or family member again soon. You want to know that you can actually afford to bail out your loved one. You can have all of those uncertainties answered by going to North Hollywood Bail Bond Store.

We are a statewide, family-owned bail bonds company that has been serving the people of California since 1987. We have years of experience with bailing people out of jail. We can help you no matter what your situation might be. We will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly and make the entire bail process easier for you.

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work all over the state of California. We have offices in cities across the state, so there will always be a local agent close by to assist you. If there is no local office close by, do not worry, we have roaming bail agents who cover the areas between our offices.

To talk to a professional bail agent right now, contact North Hollywood Bail Bond Store immediately!

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Our bail agents are some of the best in all of California, and we work hard to keep it that way. At North Hollywood Bail Bond Store, we continually train all of our bail agents to keep them at their very best. This ensures that all of our clients, including you, will receive the best bail assistance that we can offer.

Our bail agents will always be there for you when you need them. They can answer all of your questions regarding your loved one’s arrest and bail. All they need to get you the answers you deserve is your loved friend or family member’s name, birthday, and the county in which he or she was arrested. That information will allow us to find your loved one in the county jail system and get you your answers.

When you come to North Hollywood Bail Bond Store for help, you will get only high quality, professional bail help from our agents. Our agents have years of experience and training behind them that makes them some of the best in California. Our agents will always be there for you when you them.

Get the bail bonds process started today by contacting North Hollywood Bail Bond Store right now!

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What All Those Legal Bail Words Mean And Why They Matter

California Bail Bond Store

  • Bail – determined by a judge, this is the amount of money a defendant will need to pay court in order to leave jail.
  • Bond, or bail bond – a written contract from a professional bail agent to the court (acts as bail payment) with the understanding that if the defendant fails to go to court, the bail agent is responsible for the full payment.
  • Bone revocation – this is taking bail eligibility away from a defendant and putting them back in jail. This happens usually when a person (typically a bail bond cosigner or the judge) no longer trusts the defendant to keep his or her promise on his or her bail release terms and show up in court.
  • Co-signer – often used for bail bonds, this person would be responsible for getting the defendant to court because often, the bail agent does not want that risk for him or herself.
  • Collateral – often used for bail bonds, this is property or valuables that a cosigner must forfeit to the bail agent if the defendant fails to appear in court.
  • Own recognizance – in some cases, a defendant will be released from jail without needing to pay bail. This is on his or her “own recognizance” with the understanding and promise that he or she will appear in court when asked to.

Knowing these common bail-associated terms, we at California Bail Bond Store hope you understand the importance of these, and why it’s very important to abide by any and all bail and jail terms if you or someone you love is ever in this type of position. By adhering to rules, the bail and jail process will be much simpler, smoother, and affordable. But if something goes wrong and problems arise, there will be additional consequences.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding bail and jail, or if you need a bail bond agent to help you out, pick up the phone and call us at 800-793-2245! We’ll be glad to help you out in any way we can.

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Give A Person Their Life Back By Calling California

California Bail Bond Store

The general consensus when someone is arrested and goes to jail is that their “life is over.” Of course that’s a figure of speech but considering the circumstances, it is taken quite seriously. But, you have the power to give a person their life back, to give a person a new hope for a restart.

Say your younger cousin was arrested. Right now in this moment, we do pay attention to the crime committed. We pay attention to the little fact that he was arrested and he wants your help. The judge has granted him bail at $20,000. He struggles to come up with that money on his own immediately, so he loses that option. Then he is told that bail bonds are an option, where he would pay 10% of $20,000 instead. So, he asks you to search for a reliable and fast bail bond company. You find one and help mediate with the company to get the bail bond process completed. In a matter of hours your cousin is out on bail.

Without you, how long might have taken your cousin to get out of jail? You might even have co-signed the bail bond (if required), helped finance it, or put up collateral. You were giving your cousin his life back, by helping him get out of jail so he can begin mending relationships and re-evaluating his actions and lifestyle.

So, if you are ever in need of a great bail bond company to help out a friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place. California Bail Bond Store wants to help you and yours out just as much as you do. Give us a ring at 800-793-2245 and we’ll talk through the process and conditions, come up with an affordable payment plan, and then formalize all the paperwork. We truly look forward to working with you to give a person their life back!

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