Call A Cab To Keep Your Cinco De Mayo Festivities Going

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Not that responsible drinking isn’t important any other day, but we would like to share our occasional reminder to do so for Cinco de Mayo. For a holiday that has developed into a drinking tradition, Cinco de Mayo is a full day of fun festivities.

By now you should know your limits of intoxication, but even if you are not drunk, the best choice you might make on Cinco de Mayo is calling a taxi or having a sober pal drive you. Drivers not only need to be aware of their own driving, but they also need to be cautious of the drivers near them – maybe the white Sedan a couple cars ahead of you is driven by a drunk person. Fall back a little. Don’t get near them.

Every year we see a high number of DUI-related arrests. While this number has dropped over the decades, we still believe we can do more to continue to lower that number, starting with you! Don’t let your Cinco de Mayo end in jail.

However, if something goes wrong and you end up needing a bail agent, please give us, Santa Ana Bail Bond Store, a call at 714-973-2245. We will make sure that you are released as quickly as possible.

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When Cinco De Mayo Becomes Cinco De Drinko

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Let’s face it: Cinco De Mayo has come to be more of a drinking holiday than one that truly commemorates Mexico’s unlikely victory over the French on May 5, 1862. Stemming from the Mexican culture to now envelop all others, we all drink on this holiday for some fun. Drink after drink after drink. Cinco De Mayo becomes Cinco De Drinko.

Yes it’s fun, a whole lot of fun. Friends, booze – what’s not to love? Well, getting arrested, for one!

Inebriated people don’t make the best choices. Sometimes fights erupt. Sometimes they get behind the wheel. Sometimes they cannot get to a bathroom and will just alleviate themselves in public. In other words, people can get “crazy-out-of-control.” In fact, just drinking on any day, not necessarily just for Cinco de Mayo, do people get like this. This fun stops immediately when the police arrive.

What next? Contact Orange County Bail Bond Store Service.

Orange County Bail Bond Store Service can help you post a bail bond so you can leave jail. However you will need to appear in court when you are ordered to. If you do not, your bail will be forfeited and you will be thrown back into jail with no bail. Doesn’t sound fun anymore, huh?

Have fun and stay safe when you’re out and about on Cinco de Mayo! Look out for yourself and those around you. If you need us, our number is 714-973-2245 and we will be there as soon as possible to help you out. We take our job seriously!

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