The Bail Bond Red Carpet


Celebrities live the good life, so why do so many of them end up getting arrested and charged with gun or drug possession, DUIs, or violence? The answer is because celebrities are still every day people just like you. They simply have more money and fame. While the glitz and glamor may seem really nice most of the time, it does not help much when they are arrested.

Celebrities get the same treatment as any other person when they are arrested. They are booked, granted bail, and then post bail. While they can easily afford to pay for their bail without a third party bail bond company, quite a few celebrities still use bail bonds to get out of jail anyway. Even with bail bonds, they still will not get any special treatment. They still have to pay for the bail bond, they have certain release terms and conditions, and they have to show up for court. Actually, they do get one thing that other non-celebrity individuals most likely will not get: the high profile media coverage. That is something that does not work in their favor.

Whether you are a basketball star, an actor, an architect, a teacher, a store manager, or any other professional, you will get the same bail bond treatment as everyone else here at Chino Bail Bond Store. Our red carpet is not just for the stars, it is for everyone. We are going to get you bailed out of jail as quickly as we possibly can while getting you a payment plan you can work with.

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Weird Laws in California That You Can Be Arrested For


You may think that California is all ideal beaches, beautiful sunshine, and has nothing odd to it, but trust us. At Chino Bail Bond Store, we know that there is plenty weird to California. Having worked in the bail bond industry for nearly 30 years, and understanding the legal processes, we have definitely seen and dealt with some of the strangest cases thanks to the strangest laws that still exist in California today.

Now, not all of the laws we are about to reveal to you are really enforced. Some of these are completely bizarre and absurd, but in the law books, they remain official. The officers who would enforce some of these though, could really be a pain. Bear with us, as you read on for some of the wackiest laws in California.

  • Women may not wear high heels within city limits.
  • It is illegal to have caller ID.
  • In Blythe, you must own a minimum of two cows in order to be allowed to wear cowboy boots.
  • It is illegal to set up a mousetrap unless you have a hunting license.
  • It is unlawful to eat an orange in a bathtub.
  • In Los Angeles, a man must have a license in order to serenade a woman.
  • In San Francisco, ugly people may not walk down the street.
  • In Eureka, men with mustaches must shave before kissing a woman, because it is illegal to kiss a woman if you have a mustache.
  • In Hollywood, you may drive up to only 2,000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.
  • In Fresno, it is illegal to annoy a lizard in a city park.

Are you surprised by some of these? Are you scratching your head after reading just a few of these strange California laws? Trust us, there are plenty more, and not just in California. Each state has it’s own weird laws. We guess this kind of makes each state unique.

As we said, Chino Bail Bond Store will help bail anyone out of jail who is accused of committing these crimes, or more serious ones, because we mean business. Find out how Chino Bail Bond Store can help you or a loved one who might have arrested for any reason.

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