Do I Get My Money Back After Paying for a Bail Bond?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked here at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is if the premium, the money the client pays to us, gets returned at the end of the case. “But, money for a cash bail is refunded!” Well, there is a difference between cash bail and bail bonds. There are also stipulations for getting that cash bail money back.

Cash Bail
When paying cash bail, the defendant and their loved ones pay the cash bail directly to the court. They pay the full bail amount, and no bail bond agent is involved whatsoever. In order for them to get their money back at the end of trial, the defendant would have to be compliant with all of his or her release terms and conditions and show up for court as scheduled. Even then, some of the money may be kept to pay for different court fees. If something goes wrong, this money may not be refunded.

Bail Bonds
When the defendant and his or her loved ones hire a bail agent, they get this person to help them through the entire bail bond process. A bail bond will cost only 10% of the full bail amount, but this 10%, called the premium, is not refunded in the end, even if the defendant obeys all of his or her release terms and conditions and shows up in court because the premium is considered payment for the bail agent’s services.

The reason why bail bonds are still a more common method to bailing out of jail is due to the flexible payment plan. The 10% is paid off over an extended period of time. Cash bail must be paid in full before the defendant can be released. Overall, bail bonds provide financial flexibility and ease.

We here at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store are very understanding of each person’s own situation. We are flexible and customize payment plans to fit clients’ budgets. We work with them to find a way to help everyone who needs our help.

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Want a Discount On a Bail Bond?

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Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Offers Discounts for Qualified Clients

Do you want a discount on your loved one’s bail bond so you can afford to bail him or her out of jail? If so, call 877-793-2245 to find out how to qualify.

Are you avoiding bailing out your loved one because you think it will be too expensive? Did you know that bail bond companies like Los Angeles Bail Bond Store offer discount to make the bail more affordable. If you contact Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, our bail agents will show you how affordable your friend or family member’s bail bond can be.

At Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, we can offer you a 20% discount on the price of your loved one’s bail bond if you qualify. To qualify for the discount, one of the co-signers must be a union member, a member of the military, a member of AARP, a homeowner, or have a private attorney. If you, or one of your co-singers, meets one of those requirements, then you can get the discount.

20% off can add up to a lot of money very quickly. For a $10,000 bail, you would only need to pay $800, not $1,000. That is $200 off, and the savings will only go up for larger bails. If you are looking to bail out a loved one, make sure one of your co-signers qualifies for the discount.

If you are ready to bail out your loved one, then contact Los Angeles Bail Bond Store right away. Our bail agents are ready and waiting to hear from you. All you need to do is open up the chat feature on our site, or call 877-793-2245 right now. Our bail agents will begin working with you right away.

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