Arcadia Bail Bond Store Is the Best Way to Rescue Your Loved One from Any Jail in California


There is a better way to rescue your friend or family member from jail, besides breaking him or her out. You can bail your friend out of jail quickly and easily with help from Arcadia Bail Bond Store. We will help you rescue your loved one and make sure that you can afford to bail out your friend. We are here to help, not to make as much money as we can off you.

We have been helping Californians for nearly 30 years now, and over the years, we have learned a lot. We have figured out the best ways to help you in order to make bail bonds quicker and easier, as well as how to make it affordable. We may feel like we know a lot about bail bonds, but we do not let that prevent us from learning more.

We are constantly putting all of our agents through training in order to keep them at the top of their game. We know that there is always more to learn, and that by continually training our agents, we ensure that our clients will receive the best bail help we can give them. No other bail bonds company in the state will be able to assist you like we can.

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As soon as you call, our agents begin helping you rescue your friend or family member from jail. All we need to get started is your loved one’s name, birthday, and the county where he or she was arrested. We can get most of the bail bonds process taken care of over the phone, or online. We can even create a personalized payment plan to fit your budget over those methods.

Our bail agents are available 24/7 at Arcadia Bail Bond Store because we know that clients can need us at any time. Our number one priority is to help our clients, to provide them with the best bail service we can offer. We treat everyone with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We will provide you with fast, courteous, and confidential bail service.

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Reporting A Crime: Moral Or Legal Obligation?


If someone witnesses a crime or learned of later, they morally should report it, but legally, they are not required to. Why wouldn’t someone report a crime that they may have knowledge of? Is it a question of self-preservation including the overall safety of their family as a whole, or just not wanting to get involved, period.

    These are a few provisions under California law that Arcadia Bail Bond Store Services feel that every citizen should be aware of:

  • A person can be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a crime, even if they did not carry out the actual crime itself. An example would be someone who acts as a lookout for another person carrying out a crime at the same time.
  • Under California’s Mandatory Reporting Law, some people like teachers, counselors, and social works have a legal responsibility to report suspected or confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect.
  • If police directly asks a person about a crime during their investigation and they must tell the truth. If they have knowledge of the crime, they must say so. If they lie about that and the police find out about the lie later, they can be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.
  • After a person is arrested, they will have a bail hearing to find out how much money they must pay to leave jail, or if they are denied bail.

For people who are offered bail, they will always be welcomed and encouraged to contact Arcadia Bail Bond Store Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s what we are here for!

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