How Our Clients Bailed Themselves Out Of Jail

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Our team at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store are more than happy when we get to help a client bail out of jail and return home to their loved ones. We get to turn stressed, angry, and concerned faces into ones of joy and relief. Knowing that we make a huge difference in the middle of a very tense situation is why we love our job.

Over our 28 years of experience in the California bail bond industry, we have seen hundreds of thousands of clients bail out of jail with us. We’ve gotten to know each and every one of them and we’re honored when they turn around and thank us for our hard work. No, we don’t do it because they paid us to bail them out, we did it because they had the motivation to do so, to turn their life around and make it right, and to be a better person. So really, they bailed themselves out of jail. We were just there as support.

If you need information on bail bonds in California, please feel free to contact our team any time of day, whether it’s 3 PM or 3 AM; we’re available 24/7 statewide.

Consultations are free and we welcome any and all questions or concerns you have! No matter what, we’ll find a way to help you. Our website is and our phone is 877-793-2245.

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Congratulations, Grad! Welcome To The Real World! Now, Stay Out Of Trouble


Congratulations to the Class of 2015! Whether you’re finishing high school or college, this is a huge milestone in your life that you will want to celebrate. This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life (and your parents!)

Naturally you’re going to want to go out and have some fun with your friends but please be careful! Stay away from trouble and keep in mind that accidents do happen. Just recently, a student at Notre Dame fell to his death the day before his commencement. The investigation is still ongoing but whether there were drugs or alcohol involved or if it was an honest accident, it’s still a tragedy and hard-hit reminder to simply be aware of yourself.

Plus, now that you’re going off into the real world, you will have real-world consequences. For high school graduates who have turned or will be turning 18 soon, this means that any legal trouble you get into means you can be tried as an adult and not a minor. And for college graduates, troubles now will plague you during your search for a job. Employers will see that a recent college graduate wasted time getting into trouble rather than doing something proactive.

Grads deserve to have fun and treat themselves to a small vacation for their accomplishments. But there is always a limit to how much fun, and when to get serious. Don’t turn this fine moment into one that everyone wants to forget – especially you and your parents.

We hope you or a friend don’t ever need our services, but if you do, do not hesitate to call us, Newport Beach Bail Bond Store, at 714-973-2245 if you get into legal trouble. When you’re arrested, you will most likely be offered bail (especially considering you’re young and more than likely do not have a criminal background). Plus, because you are young, we don’t expect you to be able to pay the bond on your own (not to mention, you probably have student loans to pay off). That’s where we come in to help you and your parents. We will not let you down!

Consultations are always free, so call Newport Beach Bail Bond Store now at 714-973-2245.

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Who Do You Trust Most In Your Life


We all have so many friends that it’s too hard to count exactly how many. But, if you had to narrow your list down to the ones you trust the most, you’d probably bring it down to no more than a handful of people. We’re talking the friends and family members you would reveal your deepest, darkest, most embarrassing and humiliating secrets to. Like getting arrested for a serious crime.

It’s one thing to not want your most-trusted friends and family to know what you got in trouble for, and how much trouble you’re in; it’s another thing to get over this embarrassment and tell them because you need their support and help. They will have all sorts of emotions – frustrated, angry, disappointed, confused. But if they are truly as trustworthy as you believe them to be, they will find a way to help get you through this difficult situation. They keep your secret as safe as they can. They will reach out to other sources for any other help and they may do so anonymously, like searching for a great therapist or rehab center. They will help pay for bail. They will help your family in your absence.

Knowing those who you trust most is very important, and they ought to know it before you get into trouble. What we mean is that you must maintain a very close relationship with them. They need to know how much they mean to you so that you do not take advantage of their kindness. Best friends and family members are one of the most key factors to have a happy life. So, if you haven’t talked to your best friend in awhile, go ahead and give them a call just to say hello. By keeping up with them, you’ll be able to count them as one of your most trusted people in life, and vice versa.

Do not hesitate to call, consultations with a Santa Ana Bail Bond Store agent is FREE, so call now at 714-973-2245.

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When “Too Cool” Becomes Too Much


Parents always want to try and “be cool” to their children. They hope that this way their children will not always grow up resenting them for curfews, nagging, and simply not being as cool as so-and-so’s Mom or Dad. Well parents, we want to just remind you that sometimes, being cool might just get you into some hot water!

For instance, allowing a minor to consume alcohol can result in $1,000 bail, even if they are drinking under your watch. Many countries allow people to drink legally when they are 18, but in the U.S., the age limit is 21. Now, we all know that the majority of Americans take their first sips of alcohol before 21. But even under supervision this is still illegal and the person over 21 who allowed this to happen can get arrested for this.

Other instances could be allowing your children to have a house party. Wacky things happen at house parties, including the above and more, and you might want to be cautious when you consider your teenage child to have friends over.

It’s great to be a cool parent but make sure you measure the pros and cons and where the line must be drawn. You don’t want to get in trouble for trying to be cool and more importantly, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your kids. Plus, getting arrested? So not cool to your child.

We hope you don’t ever need us at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store but if you do, whether for yourself, your child, or someone else you love, call us as soon as possible.

Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store right now at 714-973-2245.

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Don’t Let One Dark Day Ruin Your Entire Summer!


Summer is right at our fingertips and we want to enjoy every minute of every day of it just as much as you do! However, we know that not everyone can smoothly sail the oceans of life this summer. But, if you happen to find a dark, gloomy day one day this summer, you shouldn’t let it linger like a thunderstorm for the rest of the season.

If you find yourself getting arrested this Summer, contact Orange County Bail Bond Store Services at 714-973-2245. We can help bail you out of jail so that before you know it, you will be out under the sun again with family and friends by your side. We offer personalized payment plans to fit your needs, we take zero interest, and zero down payment. Our professional, experienced, friendly, and reliable agents are available at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that time is extremely valuable, which is why we can do all the paperwork with you or a loved one over the phone in a few minutes.

Contact Orange County Bail Bond Store Services at 714-973-2245 as soon as you know you need our services and we will work quickly with you.

Don’t be concerned with what you did to get into trouble – focus on what you will do once you are bailed out of jail to rectify the situation for yourself and others involved. We believe you have the willpower in yourself to ensure you continue to have a safe, enjoyable summer. We won’t let you down, so don’t let us down either!

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