Streaming TV Online Is Illegal – Remember!


These days, there aren’t as many people watching television shows and catching movies at the movie theater as there once was. They don’t want to have to move their schedule around to be able to catch their favorite show at a certain programmed hour, and they don’t want to have to spend $15 for a movie ticket. However, they will still be on point with their television shows and their movies. They will probably decide to catch them online and even download them; saving them on their computer.

Most people probably aren’t reminded or aren’t even aware of the fact that each time they download a movie or a television episode on their device, that it’s illegal to do so. Content that is available and shown to a substantial number of people by one person is also illegal. These are copyright violations and can result in fines and even a brief time in jail, depending largely on the amount of content that was infringed upon.

If you are planning on watching your favorite television shows and movies online, make sure you do it on a legal streaming service like “Netflix” or “Hulu”. It wouldn’t be the greatest thing to have to pay for bail after being arrested for illegally watching, downloading, or sharing content. If that does become the case though, Riverside County Bail Bond Store will be available to help bail you out of jail for a lower price than what you’d have to pay directly to a jail (actually would be 85-90% lower). The only catch, regarding money, is that the 10-15% you initially had to pay to Riverside County Bail Bond Store will not be refunded.

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