Top 10 Most Common Offenses That Offer Bail


  1. Assault and battery
  2. Larceny theft
  3. Public intoxication
  4. DUI
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Minor in possession of alcohol
  7. Possession of drug paraphernalia
  8. Driving with a suspended license
  9. Disorderly conduct
  10. Fraud

These are the top 10 offenses that require bail in order for the offender to be released from jail until his or her trial. Some of these might surprise you as being in the top 10 list. Bail for these offenses will vary depending on the offenders past criminal history (if there is one) and severity of the crime. Nonetheless, you can expect one thing for all these: bail will be pricey.

There are options for posting bail: paying the full amount in cash in one payment to the court, or hiring a professional bail agent to post a bail bond. These are the two most common solutions.

If using cash bail, the bail money will be refunded as long as the offender goes to court whenever needed, and complies with any and all other court-ordered terms.

If using a bail bond, the 10% premium paid to the agent will not be refunded. However, the defendant still must appear in court whenever ordered for the bail bond to be accepted. Even though the 10% is not refunded, bail bonds still tend to be more affordable for many, as the offender (or any loved ones) can pay this money over a payment plan.

Other bail bond options include surety bonds, immigration bonds, property bonds, and federal bonds, but these are more complicated and not as common.

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Tips For Getting A Low Bail Amount


While it is very uncommon for a judge to re-evaluate and lower a person’s bail upon his or her request, there are chances of having the amount set lower than it could be in another situation. Bail is determined by the arrested person’s past criminal history and the severity of the crime. Here are some ways to ensure you are given the lowest bail possible:

  • Zero Past Criminal History – make sure your judge knows this is your first offense ever. And do not lie because they will check. You need to stress your disappointment and regret, knowing that what you did was a mistake.
  • Family and Community Ties – gather as many loving and trusted family, friends, and community members as you can who live in the city you were arrested in. The more who can vouch for you and look after you, the better. Generally, people with strong ties are less likely to take off after posting bail.

Bail is still going to be expensive, regardless of how low it may be. So, if you need help meeting that demand so you can be freed until trial, do not hesitate to contact Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and they will always manage to find a way to help any and every client.

Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services at 714-973-2245 now to learn what we can do for you!

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Bail Bond Store Broken Down To 6 Simple Rules


Bail bonds and legal proceedings can be daunting to think about and dreadful to deal with. No one wants to be thrown into this mix so suddenly. But it happens. All the time. If this happens to you, do not worry out of your mind (more than you already are). We, Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services, can and will thoroughly explain everything to you and we will be with you the entire way. Before getting down to the nitty-gritty, look over these 6 common bail bond rules and regulations, an overarching understanding of the process and expectations.

  1. The judge at a bail hearing will set the amount of bail. The defendant or someone on their behalf is responsible for contacting Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services to discuss the bail bond.
  2. The bail agent will charge you the non-refundable fee for their services – 10% of the full bail amount. You will both come to a payment plan that is acceptable to your financial situation. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services accepts cash, debit and credit, and other forms of payment to make it easier, more affordable, and less stressful for you.
  3. The bail agent will need basic information like identification and contact information, the crime, and more. Have that ready so as to not waste any time. The paperwork will be processed as quickly as possible.
  4. The defendant is released on the condition that he or she must return to court when ordered. Once the case is closed, the bond is terminated and ends. Any collateral will be returned.
  5. If the defendant misses their court date for whatever reason (without proper prior notice and authorization from the court or police), the bail bond is forfeited. The bail agent must then track down the defendant. The defendant can be rearrested.
  6. The bail agent is responsible for paying the full bond within 3 months of the original missed court date.

We want you to get the best outcome of your situation. That being said, there is no other company more qualified than Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services to take care of you. We have over 27 years of industry experience, over 150 licensed and caring bail agents, and overall a huge pool of extremely satisfied customers.

We serve the entire state of California, available 24/7. Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Services now at 714-973-2245!

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Setting A Good Example For Others


We may not realize how much we really influence the ones we love most. You may look up to someone and aspire to be the type of person they are, but how often do you tell them? Probably not nearly enough for them to know.

How one acts in public and in private can result in how any decides to act in public. For example, if a younger brother sees his older brother going out a lot, drinking, smoking, coming in very late, the younger brother will be driven to do the same. Then one day, the police intervene and they’re arrested. This is painful to see happen to people so close. Bonds between people are broken, trust is lost. In some extreme instances, one person can continue to spiral downward after seeing their role model get into trouble. And just think, this all could have played out much differently had the older brother known how much of an impact his words and actions has on his younger brother. Knowing the full truth, the older brother could have continued in school, built a career, and started a family. He wants the best for his younger brother and to do that, he needs to be the best for himself as well.

It’s so important to set a good example for others. They don’t have to be younger than you – you can be younger, and you can be their role model.

We hope you won’t ever need our help, but if you do, don’t hesitate to contact us, Yorba Linda Bail Bond Store Services, if you or a loved one is in jail. We can quickly reunite you with your loved one by helping you post a bail bond to get out of jail.

Consultations are always FREE, so call Yorba Linda Bail Bond Store Services now at 714-973-2245.

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3 Bail Bond Store Myths, Debunked

Anaheim Bail Bond Store

There is always so much talk around the most gossipy issues, including bail bonds because they involve intriguing court cases for the public, and private matters for those involved. Plus, what you see on television shows and movies aren’t always accurate. So, here are 3 common bail bond myths, debunked!

  1. Myth #1: Bail agents must be paid in cash. You’re not expected to have this kind of money in cash. Other forms of payment include credit card and collateral.
  2. Myth #2: Bail agents can negotiate to reduce bail with the court. The arrested individual may request to have their bail reviewed, but a change by the court is very unlikely. Bail agents, however, are not allowed to approach the court to negotiate bail.
  3. Myth #3: Fees paid to a bail agent will be returned to you after court. The premium you pay the bail agent (typically 10% of the bail amount) is for them helping you. This is not refunded to you, as they are doing you a service. If you were to pay the full bail to the court by yourself, without the help of a bail agent, then you will get this money back at the end of court as long as the defendant was compliant.

    To learn more about the facts of bail bonds, feel free to contact Anaheim Bail Bond Store at 714-973-2245 where you can speak to a representative for immediate assistance. You may also visit us online and read up about bail bonds and the company’s services.

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