How Long Will It Take To Post Bail?


The time it takes a person to post bail and be freed largely depends on how busy the jail is. Typically, it will take a few hours at best. A defendant, or someone on their behalf, may apply for a bail bond with a professional bail bond company as soon as the arraignment hearing has ended. They must wait for the arraignment because this is when they learn what the bail price is set at. The bail bond company needs this price in order to tell you how much they will charge you, which will be anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of that full price. The paperwork with the professional bail bond company can be done fairly quickly. Then that paperwork will be sent to the jail where the defendant is. Processing at the jail is what takes the most time, but within a few hours, the defendant will be released.

The defendant’s release doesn’t need to wait for the bail bond fees to be paid off because the bail agent will draw up a payment plan that will extend beyond the defendant’s immediate release. This puts ease on those who are paying for the bail bond. We at Riverside County Bail Bond Store understand that paying a large amount of money, so abruptly to get someone out of jail, is not ideal.

Everyone will have a similar yet slightly different bail bond experience, so it’s best to have a bail bond agent and bail bond company, such as Riverside County Bail Bond Store, who is willing to work with you on the matter to find a solution, as well as a bail bond procedure that will work for you.

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Most Affordable Bail Bonds At Riverside County Bail Bond Store


A bail bond is one of the last things that anyone expects to have to pay, yet, if they ever find themselves to be in such a situation, it is one of those things that must be paid off; and it’s not something that should be shrugged off. This applies for everyone. For those who might be “financially strapped” for the time being – having a low income household and supporting other family members as well – the odds are not stacked against them if they suddenly need to afford a bail bond. “How is this?” you may ask. Well, the answer is simple! Riverside County Bail Bond Store.

Riverside County Bail Bond Store appeals to every person in need of a bail bond. Whether they are loaded with money, or not, Riverside County Bail Bond Store is able to accommodate anyone who approaches them for help. Riverside County Bail Bond Store measures its success based on the number of people they are able to bail out of jail, as well as the number of people they are able to re-unite with a family member. This company’s diligence is not based on how much money they may make off of fixed or high prices.

Even if you think you cannot afford a bail bond for yourself or for a loved one, contact Riverside County Bail Bond Store today to get your free consultation. Payment plans are flexible, customized, and tailored toward the individual’s own situation. The most affordable bail bonds plans and options, in California, are found at Riverside County Bail Bond Store.

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