What To Do When Someone You Loved Was Arrested

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  1. Express your support. They need you now more than ever.
  2. Ask questions as to why this happened, and how you can help.
  3. Show a little anger and disappointment. They need to feel how this negatively affects their most loved family and friends.
  4. Set some goals. Whether it’s spending more time with family or attending rehab, go over some new changes to routine to encourage better and/ or safe behavior.
  5. Outline ultimatums and consequences. You and your loved one need to be serious about support and change. There will be consequences otherwise because if goals aren’t met, they could end up in trouble again and you’ll find your friendship being taken advantage of.
  6. Express your support. We say it again because through this ordeal, your support is incredibly important. Your support is what is going to help your loved one get over this hurdle.

You can call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store at 714-973-2245 if you need trustworthy, efficient, and caring bail bond support. Our best agents are available at your disposal to get your loved one home as soon as possible.

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What To Do After You’re Arrested

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What occurs after you are arrested is much like what you see on television: you are photographed, fingerprinted, searched, and recorded. You are informed of your rights, which include remaining silent and having a lawyer present. As a general rule, it’s wiser to use these rights so you do not divulge information to the police that could further incriminate you and your case in court. Police are trained to extract information from you and you may not realize it until it’s too late.

If you need bail assistance, contact Santa Ana Bail Bond Store today for an easy and affordable bail bonds expirience 714-973-2245.

Aside from not speaking of the case with the police until you have a lawyer, it is also advised not to speak of the case with other inmates, friends, and family too. Your conversations are being monitored. Your conversations with your lawyer, are not.

After you’re arrested, you’re allowed to call family, a lawyer, and a bail bondsman. Remember the name Santa Ana Bail Bond Store. Call us or have a family member call us at 714-973-2245. We can help bail you out of jail until your court date. This gives you time and privacy to build your case and return to your daily routine like work and family. We treat clients confidentially.

If you’re in trouble and need of our help, we will be here for you! Jut remember “Santa Ana Bail Bond Store” and call us immediately!

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Too Tired To Drive? Then Don’t! Ask Someone To Pick You Up Or Call A Cab

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California’s music festival season(s) has commenced! As we move into the warmer days and longer evenings filled with great music, outdoor fun, friends, and just plain ol’ partying, please remember your well-ingrained responsibilities – including, but not limited to knowing your alcohol limitations. The last thing you want is to miss your festival and wind up sick or in trouble.

To get the most of your music festival experience, consider carpooling, taking public transportation, or getting dropped off by a taxi, a friend, or a rideshare service to and from the festival. The benefits of not driving yourself are multiple, but we’re highlighting the fact that 1) it prevents you from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, and 2) it prevents you from getting behind the wheel while exhausted. Even if you get behind the wheel sober, you could be too tired to drive home. Plus, drivers must always be alert of others – an accident could still very well happen if you are the sober driver.

We hope you remember that even in a day full of fun meant for everyone, things can still take a wrong turn. We hope you won’t need us but in case you do find yourself or a loved one in trouble for whatever reason and land behind bars, Santa Ana Bail Bond Store can help bail out.

Contact us at 714-973-2245 as soon as possible!

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10 Simple Tips For Saving Some Money

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Money seems like it’s always an issue, no matter what it is needed for – tuition, savings, insurance, rent, and even bail? There are things that must be paid, and there are things that can be let go of. Here are some simple money saving habits to start getting into that in the long run, can really add up well:

  • Eat out once a week instead of three times a week. Grocery shopping and cooking is cheaper than dining out all the time. Also, don’t waste food.
  • Talk expenses over with a partner or spouse, if applicable, or a financial advisor.
  • Have one or more fewer alcoholic drinks every week. The average American spends $1 for every $100 on alcohol.
  • Shopping – reduce the money spent on wanted but not needed items. Opt away from designer clothing when something similar for cheaper can be found at another store.
  • Use the ATM of your bank to avoid fees.
  • Pay bills on time instead of allowing them to stack up all together.
  • Resist gambling and betting. The average American loses $400 each year on gambling.
  • Make a list before going to the grocery store. People who shop without a grocery list tend to buy more than those who have a grocery list.
  • When shopping online, choose standard regular shipping (the cheapest option) rather than overnight.
  • Privileges like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, gym memberships – do you really get your money’s worth? You can pick up a book instead of binge watching television. You can workout outdoors rather than at the gym.

These are just a few of many simple and easy ways to help save some money. Again, it may not seem like a lot of money saved daily, but you’ll see progress in the longer run.

Call today for a free consultation, speak with a bail agent to start the bail process right away 714-973-2245

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What Is Bail And Who Can I Turn To For Help?

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When someone is arrested, they can appear in front of a judge within 3 days of their arrest. But, if they are offered the option to post bail, they can do so and have more time before they must return to court. This is especially beneficial for those who need to build a strong case and defense with a lawyer.

To post bail, the defendant can either pay in full with cash, or they can hire a bail bondsman to post a bail bond. By paying in cash, the defendant must pay the full bail amount. By going the bail bond route, they will need to pay the premium, which is 10% of the bail amount. They will likely also need to offer collateral, which they will get back as long as they are compliant with all court obligations.

Contact Santa Ana Bail Bond Store at 714-973-2245.

Posting bail with a bail bond is a much more affordable choice than paying the entire bail in cash. Bail is expensive and frankly, no one plans to save up money for the day they need pay bail. If you need the services of a reliable and trustworthy California bail bondsman.

Unlike other bail companies, Absolute bail agents truly bind themselves to each and every client, making sure their clients know that they really care to help. We work fast to post bail, but we make sure you also understand completely the circumstances. So, if you need us to go through this step by step slowly with you, we will.

Another thing that sets us apart from other bail companies – zero hidden fees. We are not after your money and will not try and trick you with hidden fees. Remember, it is always important to read everything thoroughly. You will only need to pay the 10% premium, which is standard across all companies. But anything on top of that? Absolutely not, not at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store.

Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store today at 714-973-2245 to set an appointment!

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There Is No Better Orange County Bail Bond Service Company Than Santa Ana Bail Bond Store

Orange County Bail Bond Store Service

With the economy always changing and our money becoming more valuable to save, more people in jail are seeking the assistance of Orange County Bail Bond Store Service to help post bail. And because of the demand for us, we have continued to thrive in experience, success, and reliability in California over the last 27 years, a feat not many others can claim.

Orange County Bail Bond Store Service hires only the best bail agents for clients; on top of that, we require all our agents to attend annual retraining to keep them at the top of the game. Agents are available around the clock for anyone needing assistance. We believe that because the law does not sleep, why should we when there are people at every hour needing our services?

Bail is not cheap, but our bail agents will work closely with you to draft up a payment plan and schedule that meets your financial needs. You have enough stress and confusion already just having to deal with this situation but we want to relieve as much of that as we can. This is our profession and despite the unfortunate circumstances, we enjoy helping people bail out of jail so they can be reunited with loved ones.

You can learn more about the services we offer, where our offices are, and where we serve in California (we’re state-wide!) by visiting our website at OCBailNow.com. You can chat with us online there if you have any questions or concerns.

You may also give us a call at 714-973-2245. We speak Spanish as well if you are more comfortable with that

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Family Celebrates Happy Times Together and Works Through Struggles Together

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One of the most beautiful things about family is that they lend their unconditional love and support no matter what. Family celebrates happy times together and works through struggles together, overcoming them stronger in the end. There will be times disappointment in one another will float around, but that will not stop the most loved ones from leaving and abandoning ship.

Telling your loved ones you’re in jail and in need of help to post bail is embarrassing. You are ashamed of yourself and scared of how your loved ones will react. Yes, there will be some tension but most importantly, your family will be happy to know you are okay.

During this stressful time, you will need to mend relationships and trust, and the best way to do that is if you are home with your loved ones. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store can help you post bail so that you can be on your way home as soon as possible. Just like you, we fully understand the value of family; our company is family-owned and family-operated and we work with families just like yours all the time.

In our 27 years of service, we have seen all there is to see between loved ones who were in situations like yours. Call us at 714-973-2245 to avoid the break of a family bond. With our help, you’ll be right in the arms of your loved ones, where you belong.


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Don’t Spend Valentine’s Day Alone!

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Sure, Valentine’s Day may be a cheesy holiday but that doesn’t mean a person should be spending it alone! Some people love this holiday, some hate to admit they do, and others feel more vulnerable and neglected this day because they are unable to celebrate it with someone special.

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store wants to help out those in jail so they can try and enjoy this day too, in the midst of their crisis. We can help you bail a loved one out of jail so that in the middle of this difficult situation, you guys can have a little bit of relief and ease, even if just for a day. Your loved one shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone in jail (where they already feel very alone), and you shouldn’t have to spend it alone either.

Give us a call at 714-973-2245 or chat with us online at www.ocbailnow.com.

We’ll work quickly with you to figure out the best solution to getting your loved one home and in your arms. Call us Cupid and you’ll both be reunited soon!

Your Santa Ana Bail Bond agent is there for you wherever you need them!

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No other bail bond company in California has the resources and successes of Santa Ana Bail Bond Store. This 27-year-old family-owned and operated company started with one office in Southern California and expanded to have offices and agents statewide! Because the company is able to meet the needs of all Californians, it has become one of the most trusted and sought-after bail bond companies.

Visit Santa Ana Bail Bond Store to find the closest bail bond office to you, whether you’re in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, or anywhere beyond and in-between. The company serves counties and cities all throughout the Golden State. It is very apparent that the company truly cares about each and every client. Right from the initial point of contact, all the way through the entire process until the case is settled, agents are there for their clients each and every step of the way. The company and their agents are wherever you need them to be.

Call them up now at 714-973-2245 to learn more information and to get started on a bail process!


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