Why You Need To Stay On Top Of Your Friends’ Social Media Too, Not Just Yours


You know by now that anything incriminating you post on social media can come back to taunt you later. You’re already careful about the things you post. But have you ever considered the things your friends post that include your face, name, social media handle, etc.? The police can use this too, to get you.

For instance, you and your friend are both over 18 but not yet 21. You guys sneak some alcohol when you can and this time, unbeknownst to you, your friend decided to tweet about it with a photo that included you. The police can arrest you both because of this, whether they find it or someone else turns you in. It can sound a little far-fetched considering they have other more priority issues to focus on, but that doesn’t give you clearance to test your luck. Underage drinking is illegal and for those who are 18, 19, or 20 years of age, you can get arrested and face harsher consequences than those under 18 (minors) who are caught drinking. Pacoima Bail Bond Store Services understands this all too well. All in all, beware of what you do and don’t post on social media, and tell your pals to keep you off of theirs if it can get you in trouble!

If you’re ever arrested, you do have options in terms of posting bail. This is where Pacoima Bail Bond Store Services comes into play. You can post bail directly to court which requires a bit more financial stability or you can choose to apply for a bail bond which asks only for low monthly rates. With Pacoima Bail Bond Store Services, applying for a bail bond is very quick and easy.

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A Bail Bond: The Best Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season


For kids, the best Christmas gifts are toys and clothes. For adults, the best gifts are simply spending time with family. There may be a literal price for this to happen (airline tickets, etc.), but in the end, it truly feels priceless.

Having to pay for a loved one’s bail bond is just the same. Even though it stems from a more tense situation, the resulting quality time is more cherished and you’ll feel like you never spent a dime. (We’d really like to say this type of thing stems from a “stressful” situation but let’s face it, everyone feels like their family stresses them out all the time, haha!) Having monthly dues on a bail bond to a bail bond agency like Pacoima Bail Bond Store Services is much more affordable than having to bail the full bail amount to court. Monthly dues for a bail bond would sum up to only 10-15% of the full bail amount and even though this 10-15% is not refundable at the end of the process (if you bail 100% of the bail to court, that is refundable), it’s still a much more affordable, ideal, and used method.

If you need help getting a loved one of yours out of jail this holiday season, Pacoima Bail Bond Store Services can help you do that, fast!

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