What Happens On Social Media Does Not Stay There, It Comes Back To Get You

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So much good has come from the dominance of social media in our lives: we remain connected with friends and family, we have more ways to access news, and we get involved with important matters. At the same time, quite a bit of bad can come from social media. Sometimes, this bad comes from our decision to post a status update or photos, ones that we do not initially think to be something that can be used against us.

For instance:

You are suspected of shooting someone. The police go back on your Instagram and find a photo, posted quite some time ago, of you with the same gun that was used in the crime. That’s incriminating evidence.

You post a photo of your initials carved into a tree. This tree is in a national park and you forgot that defacing nature in national parks is a crime. You post the photo, and now you are being fined.

You make a joke and post a status update saying you will be hurting someone at work tomorrow. Next thing you know, the police are there and they do not find your joke funny.

A bunch of your friends have posted a really awesome scenic photo. You do the same, finally, but you get caught doing it because in order to get that specific angle, you have to trespass onto private property.

There are plenty of instances of social media leading to someone’s arrest and police and investigators are relying on social media more and more these days to get what they need.

If you, or someone you know has been arrested and needs to be bailed out of jail, Culver City Bail Bond Store can take care of that.

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Culver City Bail Bond Store Services Agents Can Help You More Than You Think


You may not know your Culver City Bail Bond Store Services agent too well at first, but know that no matter what you will always have our team on your side. Agents at Culver City Bail Bond Store Services are the most compassionate, understanding, and real agents in the industry. Why . . . because we are all real people too.

Some of us have never personally had to deal with a loved one getting arrested, but some of us have. Some of us have been in the same position you are in now and as much as the situation sucks, it’s a little nice knowing you have someone to share your stress with. They truly understand what you’re going through and know exactly how to help.

Because some of us have shared this exact experience and all of us deal with these situations every day, we are the best people to help you get through yours.

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