El Monte Bail Bond Store Services Does Not Deny Anyone


Unlike other bail bond companies, El Monte Bail Bond Store Services will not deny someone a bail bond because they cannot make payments. We are able to work around all sorts of personal situations, finding a way to work with anyone who needs a bail bond.

For us, it’s not about swindling money out of desperate clients. We do our job because we get to reunite torn family and friends. That is our satisfaction from doing what we do.

Consultations are free here at El Monte Bail Bond Store Services and there is absolutely no obligation. We won’t pressure you (you’ve got enough to worry about) but we do hope you’ll see our services as being the most helpful and understanding compared to others. We believe in the emotional value of helping others.

Learn more by speaking with one of our agents or representatives immediately!

Give us a call at 800-793-2245 or visit us at Cal Bail Bond Store.

You can contact us anytime you need – we’re right here for you!

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Drinking And Driving Among Minors Is Decreasing


Here’s some news that’s headed in the right direction: fewer teens and young adults (between ages 16 and 20) are driving drunk. Last year the percentage who reported having driven drunk (and under the legal age limit) was 7%. Only a few years before that was the statistic at 16%.

This statistic came from a study in a large, nation-wide government survey that centered around drinking, smoking, and illegal substances.

Driving drunk is not only dangerous for anyone; it is illegal on multiple levels in this situation – driving while intoxicated and drinking under the age limit. Some might have even driven without a license or without proper supervision if they held a permit rather than a license.

In most cases, juveniles caught drinking or drinking and driving wouldn’t be charged as an adult unless the consequences ended up far more extreme, like being involved in a deadly accident.

There are less reported cases of underage drinking and drinking and driving and we hope this downward trend continues. We also hope that the drinking and driving for adults will also lessen. We get numerous calls for bail help in these cases but we really do not like having to hear about so many people putting themselves in these situations. Nonetheless, we will be there to help right in an instant.

If you ever need us, El Monte Bail Bond Store Services, to bail you or a friend out of jail, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Call us at 800-793-2245 or go to Cal Bail Bond Store.

El Monte Bail Bond Store Services will not let you down!

For immediate assistance you may also click on CHAT WITH US NOW!.

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About Those Criminal Background Checks…


After filling out all sorts of forms and applications (universities, jobs, loans, credit cards, housing, etc.), you have definitely noticed the part where it asks if you have a criminal record and/ or have ever been arrested. Ever wonder how often they check; or what they can see on criminal records?

  • Not everyone will run the background check on you. Many will though.
  • They will be able to see any arrests and convictions from the last 7 years.
  • Anything beyond 7 years will not show up.
  • Anything points or records that have been erased, expunged, or pardoned will not show up.
  • Some other pointers:

  • You should not lie about your criminal history on any application.
  • Even with a criminal record, you may still be offered the job or be approved for a loan.
  • If you lie, you will not get what you are applying for.
  • Only answer what is being asked. Read the question carefully. Say you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor but not a felony. The application explicitly asks if you’ve ever been arrested for a felony; you can check the “NO” box.
  • If there is a mistake on your criminal record, get it corrected.

Criminal records will make securing some things a little more difficult now and then, but it won’t have to haunt you forever! If you know someone who has been arrested (or if it’s you), El Monte Bail Bond Store Services can help by providing an affordable bail bond. This will release you from jail during trial so you can at least get back to some of your regular routine. Sitting in jail is useless and will only set you back farther.

Make an appointment with El Monte Bail Bond Store Services today!

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