How You Can Find Out If There’s A Warrant Out For Your Arrest


If you were up to some suspicious activity recently but haven’t been caught (yet), you may want to check to see if there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Now, how can you do that? It’s Simple. Just contact Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store Services if you have any reservations or concerns and we will be able to provide you with all of the information that you seek pertaining to these matters. Yes, we specialize in bail bonds but we also have the legal access and authority to search the data banks anonymously, free of charge, on your behalf to check if there are any obligations that you need to attend to concerning the court system.

You’ll definitely need to turn yourself in if there is a warrant, but we can at least begin preliminary discussions concerning your bail bond options. In doing so, we will have sped up the process so after you’re booked, processed, and have attended your bail hearing you’ll be able to get out of jail a lot faster than you might think.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but you’ll also be starting your New Year off with a clean slate with no hanging burdens and we at Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store Services are happy to assist you through the entire process!

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Help A Loved One See New Perspective By Bailing Them Out


2016 is on the horizon and everyone has big dreams and goals for the new year. Whether 2015 was an all-around good year or not, 2016 will be different and better, for everyone, including any loved ones in big trouble during this time.

Even a person in jail should have the opportunity to celebrate a new year without being behind bars. Perhaps they cannot bail out of jail by themselves, or it might take them a longer time to do so. But if you step up and help them out financially and show them your support, they can get out of jail faster. They’ll be rebuilding their own foundation sooner with your help, meaning they’ll get themselves right back on track sooner too.

Little can be accomplished from behind bars compared to what can be achieved when a person has bailed out. Sometimes all a person needs is a little help and if you know they are good on their word to not only repay you but also to successfully re-establish themselves for family and friends (to prove they are a good, honest person), it is definitely worth lending the helping hand.

That’s why we at Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store Services will always lend a helping hand, too. We believe everyone is capable of turning their lives around for the better. We believe clients will take their arrest experience and grow from it instead of continuing to disappoint everyone. We are able to help people bail out of jail affordably and quickly and we are more than happy to do so for you too.

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The Worst Relationship Strain An Arrest Can Cause


One person’s arrest affects multiple other people. Having to deal with the situation is obviously tough and tiring. But perhaps the most painful strain would be that on the child or children the defendant has.

Young kids won’t entirely comprehend the scope of the situation. They’re confused. But older children and teens (even adults) can understand, be angry, and never wish to speak to you again. They may use those faults of the arrested parent as a reason for their own. They may one day also end up in jail. Yet there are still some who won’t let this situation get in their way.

There’s no telling how teen children will react and how this affects them. They’re already going through a lot on their own, with the whole-growing-up-and-figuring-life-out-thing. They’re old enough to think on their own but not old enough to be able to handle this the most mature, responsible way. Remember, these are the “rebel” and “experimental” stages of life. There’s enough confusion to deal with and their parent’s arrest can just worsen things.

Don’t put your kid through that! Don’t let your kids’ friends go through that. Don’t let your friend put his or her own kids through that. Avoid any reason for the cops to make an arrest, whether that’s drinking and driving, taking drugs, not paying tickets, shoplifting, etc.

Nonetheless, whatever it comes down to, if you or someone you know is arrested and offered bail, Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store Services can help them bail out. We offer bail bonds at 10-15% of the full bail amount and we work quickly because we know time is precious.

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