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New CA Laws To Pay Attention To


Every year there are a slew of new laws that go into effect. Likely, you won’t agree or support all of them. But you have to obey them, or be fined or arrested. Also, not all new laws will affect you, yet it’s still important to know what they are so you’re informed and can protect yourself if ever need be. Here are some new laws to be aware of:

  • All guns, including concealed guns, are banned from K-12 schools and state colleges. Previously, individuals who held a permit for concealed guns were exempt. That’s no more.
    The police may seize the guns from a person for 21 days at the request of that person’s family members, if they express fear that person is dangerous. During these 21 days, a mental health evaluation will take place.
    All toy guns must have more distinctive markings to show that it is not a real gun.

  • Minimum wage increases from $9 to $10.
    Cheerleaders for professional sports are now to be considered as employees.

  • Sex Education classes are now mandatory, and they include lessons on HIV and gender identity topics.

  • Only those who are 16 years or older may ride a hover board, and they must wear a helmet.
    Hover boards may only be used on certain roads and walkways, or bike lanes.

  • Drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists may only wear one headphone in one ear. They must have one ear free.

  • Yellow Alerts mean CHP is looking for a suspect in a hit-and-run incident.
    Silver Alerts mean CHP is looking for at-risk and/ or disabled senior citizens.

  • All K-12 students must now get their vaccinations.

Of course, there are many other new laws but these are the bigger ones that are gaining more media attention.

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