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Who Chooses the Bail Prices?

Who Chooses the Bail Prices?

When people go to bail a friend or family member out of jail, they are often shocked to learn just how high their loved one’s bail has been set. They wonder what their loved one could have possibly done to earn a bail price so large. They also wonder who could have given such a high bail amount.

When a person is arrested, they are often given a bail amount that is based off of the local county’s bail schedule until a judge can review the case. A bail schedule is just a fancy name for a list of every possible crime and the recommended bail amount for said crimes. This list is updated on a regular basis by a select group of judges.

This means that judges are the ones responsible for high bail prices. Now, they often have reasons for setting bail prices on the high side. Bail is used as a form of incentive to return to court as promised. If a person posts bail, and returns to all of their court dates, then they get their bail money back. If they don’t come back, then the court keeps the bail money. Therefore, the bail amount has to be high enough that a person wouldn’t want to lose that money.

When it comes to bail bond companies, bail agents have to charge a set amount. Here in California, that amount is set by state laws at 10% the price of the bail. This is why bail agents often have to be strict with how much they charge. There is only so much wiggle room granted to bail agents. In addition, money for a bail bond is not returned to a person at the end of the trial, unlike bail money. This is due to the fact that payment for a bail bond is payment for the bail agent’s service of handling the bail for their client.

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Dealing with high bail prices on your own can be rough, but you don’t have to face this alone. You can get professional help from the agents here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Our agents have years of training and experience behind them to help make posting bail both quick and easy for their clients. You won’t find better help anywhere else in California.

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