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Forget What You Heard About Bail Bonds

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East Los Angeles Bail Bond Store

East Los Angeles Bail Bond Store

When there is so much chatter that goes around, something is bound to get lost in translation. It does not help when the chatter is about something that most people do not think they will ever have to be involved with; arrest and bail. Naturally, when they are suddenly thrown this curveball in life, their mind is scattered with all these frightening thoughts that makes the situation seem worse than it really is.

Thanks to East Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, one of California’s most reliable and affordable bail bond companies, common myths about bail bonds get debunked right here.

  • MYTH: Paying for bail will cost you and arm and a leg.
  • TRUTH: It is true that bail is set high, but that does not mean you pay that amount. If you get a bail bond, you pay only 10% of that amount. You are also given a payment plan customized to your financial situation. Your East Los Angeles Bail Bond Store bail agent will work with you because we are on your side.

  • MYTH: People who post bail with a bail bond are poor or have low-income.
  • TRUTH: A majority of defendants post bail with a bail bond, regardless of social class and income. Overall, it is a much more flexible plan to work with than 100% cash bail. Even celebrities have posted bail using bail bonds.

  • MYTH: Only cash is accepted for bail bond payments
  • TRUTH: False. East Los Angeles Bail Bond Store wants this as easy and convenient for you as possible. Cash, credit, debit, and checks are all accepted.

  • MYTH: The bail amount can be negotiated.
  • TRUTH: Bail agents cannot negotiate with the court to lower the bail amount, nor can they negotiate the bail bond premium lower than 10%. In fact, this 10% is regulated by the state.

Still have questions? Do not be shy. We do not expect you to know everything about bail bonds when you talk to us, and that is okay.

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