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Copyright Infringement

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Anyone who pops in a DVD never likes sitting through any of the ads. Fortunately those can be skipped over. However, when you get to that blue screen with all those words about copyright infringement. You cannot fast forward or skip over that. You have probably never read the entire thing, but you know that it basically means you cannot copy the film.

That part is there for a reason, even though we see and know about it, people still copy movies, TV shows, and music all of the time. A lot of people do and they do not expect to get caught.

For many, that is going to remain true, but not everyone can get away with it. If you get caught infringing on a copyright, you could be slapped with a multi-thousand dollar fine and put into jail for a few years. You cannot say you did not know that what you were doing was wrong since a warning was placed in front of every movie.

Before you are actually acquitted or convicted, you are likely allowed to bail out of jail. This means you can live at home and have as normal of a daily life as possible while dealing with the trial. To get a bail bond, contact California Bail Bond Store online or on the phone at 877-793-2245. We provide free consultations to meet the most affordable bail bond for you.

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