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An Update on California Gun Control Laws


California has some of the strictest gun laws in all of the U.S. but following the deadly San Bernardino shooting (and not to mention all the other mass shootings that occur across the nation), lawmakers are pushing to tighten gun control even more.

Currently, buyers are limited to buying only one handgun per month. Now, there is a proposed legislation to apply this rule to long guns like rifles and shotguns. Over the past ten years, long gun sales have surpassed handgun sales.

Another bill that lawmakers are bringing forward is one that will close a legal loophole. Currently, rifle manufacturers are able to include “bullet buttons,” meaning the owner and user can rapidly change empty ammunition magazines for full ones. The bill looks to change this.

    The process for purchasing a gun in California goes as follows:

  1. Pass a background check.
  2. Pass a written test.
  3. Wait 10 days.
  4. Register gun and get it micro-stamped so identification codes get stamped on each cartridge case whenever it is fired.

Obviously, any efforts of practicing gun control are always meant to protect the people and ensure that gun owners do not misuse these weapons, intentionally or not. Because guns are micro-stamped, the police can easily track down the owner. Not all who are arrested for gun-related crimes are offered bail, depending on the actual crime and situation itself. However, if you know someone is offered bail and needs to get out of jail, Glendale Bail Bond Store will always be here for assistance.

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